mujahid e millat / hafiz e millat

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    Mawlana Habeeb-ur-Rahman (alayhirahma) was popularly known as Huzoor Mujahid-e-Millat. He was one of the most prominent Sunni ulemas of post-independent India, whose service to the people of Eastern India is immense. Any trace of Sunniyat in Orissa is largely due to him. No other place in India celebrates the badi Gyarweeh sharif with as much gusto as his hometown, Bhadrak, Orissa (India).
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    Who exactly is 'Mujahid e Millat' and who is 'Hafiz e Millat'?

    Can someone please provide bios? And I'm still waiting for the bio Mufti Nizam alDin Sahib.

    Even a few lines for each scholar are sufficient.

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