Murshid-i Kamil

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    In appearance, he seems to need being served;
    Innerly, though, he pays himmat to those who deserved.

    It will sure be misleading to judge by appearance;
    Receiving the himmat requires seeing the essence.

    Haqq ta’ala has His beloved ones concealed;
    Their inner with appearance He covered.

    The lover will get from afflictions such pleasure,
    As will not be in anything, be itself pleasure.

    People unaware will not believe this; yet,
    In Qur’an, Haqq ta’ala says so by ayat.

    If a person attends a wali’s luminous suhbat,
    His heart will open, nurs will his inner illuminate.

    Desires of the nafs will no more titillate him;
    Secrets of this way will at once open before him.

    Adhere to the Shari’at, then search for a murshid.
    Cannot find one? Then love is enough if you are candid.

    Those who have attained these two blessings,
    Will receive fayz from the heart of murshid’s.

    Haloes gushing out from the Messenger’s heart,
    Will flow into them due to loving regard.

    Abd-ul-hakim Arwasi was a wali;
    His words and manners was its testimony.

    From Sayyid Fahim he took over caliphate;
    In his every behaviour was seen karamat.

    Do not think that the murshid is hard to recognize.
    His behaviour will always be Shari’at-wise.

    If a person is without the Shari’at in deeds and words,
    Run away from him, whatever stories he fabricates.

    Shari’at prescribes how deeds are to be done;
    Shari’at and iman make up Islam; the rest, none.

    İman means to believe, Shari’at means practices;
    Being Muslim requires these two performances.

    Believers have parted into groups, seventy-three;
    Ahl as-Sunnah is the single right group, blame-free.

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