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    InshaAllah with the du'as of these Shuyukh of Northern Pakistan (northern Punjab, Azad Kashmir, NWFP) Islam is still strong and alive and flourishing. Even the Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir under Indian occupation are flourishing, what is left of them.

    No one can forget the shuhada of Jammu, 230,000+ of them, mostly women and children and old people, who were brutally slaughtered and machine gunned just a few miles away from the Sialkot border, while they were trying to flee to Pakistan to save their lives. Their bodies were thrown into the Chenab and that is how they arrived in Pakistan.

    It was the most brutal massacre of Muslims by Sikh and Dogra Hindus + RSS thugs brought in from all over India in 1948 after the massacres in 1947.

    It was ordered directly by Hari Singh the ruler of Jammu.

    10,000+ Muslim women and children and old people were brutally machine gunned in the centre of Jammu city, as witnessed by a British reporter. (I have all the references) The news was published all over the UK.

    Jammu district, Kathua district, Ramnagar area, Naushahra area, were wiped off Muslims.

    What are my sources?

    The 2 million Muslims from Jammu living in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir, present day Jammu and Ramnagar, Naushahra and Mendher and QudratuAllah Shahab the man who witnessed it all.

    The beloved owner of the site, I guess, is also from Rajauri in which Naushahra lies, an area where entire Muslim villages were set alight and the fires could be seen in Murree as recorded by the inhabitants there.

    Even today Muslims are being killed.

    Three or more Indian soldiers attacked a Muslim village in Kotli, the land of Naqshbandis, a few years ago in Azad Kashmir, crossing the Line of Control, beheading a woman and 2 men and taking away their heads back to Indian occupied Kashmir. They machine gunned 10 more people, all of them children and old people. They were all celebrating a child's birthday.

    The pictures of the 13 martyrs were shown all over Pakistan and their graves are on the border. A serious protest was made to India. But the heads of the woman and the two men did not arrive.

    This is what some high caste hindus do, they play games and bet on Muslims (who would cut the most Muslim heads?)

    Most of the Muslim shuhada in Gujarat genocide were women and children and old people. The women endured totaly barbarity, rape, mutilation.

    No one knows to what extent such things happen inside Indian Kashmir.

    But Awliya Allah are alive in these areas, and inshaAllah Islam will remain here.

    Wadood al Sistani
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  2. wa' brother i dont know when they will be back again in uk.... i would have asked you the same question.... inshaAllah soon i hope...
    i thought they woudl be here this summer but.... i think they make it here every two years i think?

    alhamdulilah it ha sbeen one full year since i ddi bayah....


    p.s also good to know of fellow pir bhais out there....alhamdulilah
  3. :s1:

    I'm afraid its the only one i have uploaded. do you know if hazrat sahib are in the UK again?
    Nice to meet another pir-behn! (same-pir sister)

  4. Assalamualaikum warakhmatuallahi wabarakatuhu

    This too is my beautiful shaykh

    jazakAllah for posting this radiant picture of them MashaAllah.....

    do u have anymore?

  5. [​IMG] Hadrat Qibla Pir Sayyid Afzal Husayn Shah Jama'ati Naqshbandi al Hassani w'al Husayni daamat barkatahum al-'aaliyah.

    Har qawm raast raahay, deenay va qibla gaahay
    Man qibla raast kardam bar simt kaj kullahay

    --Hazrat Amir Khusraw Dehlavi

    Every nation has a Straight Path, a deen and a qibla
    I have made my qibla in the direction of that bent turban!

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