nur e haq jalwa numa tha

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  1. 786/92

    Noor e Haqq jalwahnuma tha, mujhe maaloom na tha
    Shakal e insaan mein chhupaa thaa, , mujhe maaloom na tha

    The Divine Light was manifest, but I wasn’t aware
    He was hidden in human form, but I wasn’t aware

    Baarhaa, jis ne kaha tha “Ana basharun” us ne [1]
    “Man ra’anii” bhii kaha tha, mujhe maaloom na tha [2]

    Frequently, he who said, “I am a man”, said too: [1]
    “He who has seen me has seen God!” but I wasn’t aware [2]

    BakriyaaN jis ne charaa’ii theeN Halima terii
    ‘Arsh par vohii gyaa, , mujhe maaloom na tha

    He who tended your goats O’ Halima,
    Also ascended to the Divine Throne, but I wasn’t aware

    Jis ne ummat keliye ro kay guzaareeN raateiN
    Voh hii Mahboob e Khuda tha, , mujhe maaloom na tha

    He who spent his nights weeping for his followers
    He alone was the Beloved of God, but I wasn’t aware

    Chaand ashaaray se phaTTa, hukm say sooraj loTaa
    Mazhar e zaat e Khuda tha, , mujhe maaloom na tha

    The Moon split at his signal; at his command, the Sun returned
    He was the manifestation of the Divine Essence, but I wasn’t aware

    Dekha jab qabr mein uss pardah-nasheeN ko tau khulaa
    Dil-e-Salik mein rahaa tha, mujhe maaloom na tha

    When I saw that Veiled One in my grave, I understood
    He had lived in Salik’s heart, but I wasn’t aware!

    [1] Al-Kahf [18:110], Qul innama ana basharun mithlukum - Say, verily, I am a man like you.

    [2] hadith sharif: Man ra'ani fa-qad ra'a al-haqq (He who has seen me has seen God (al Haqq)

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  2. sag e raza

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    eagerly waiting for a translation!
  3. This is a beautiful naat sharif! Thanks sidi for scanning it. I think it is one I would like to try and translate insha allah :)
  4. Na'at by Hakeem al Ummah Shaykh Mufti Ahmad yaar Khan an Naeemi al Qadri rahimahullahu Ta'ala Na'at Nur e Haq jalwah numa tha mujhe ma'alum na tha

    Deewan e Saalik page 6

  5. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    yes, please.
  6. I don't think so I can upload it for you soon, when I have time in sha Allah Tabaarak wa Ta'ala.
  7. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    is it online as i don't have the book?
  8. It is in the Shaykh's collection Deewan e Saalik page 6
  9. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    mufti ahmad yar khan has written a na'at,

    nur e haq jalwa numa tha, mujhe ma'alum na tha

    or something along these lines. can someone point me to where i can find the full version, written or recited, online?

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