O' Beloved, this is my fate.

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Harisa, May 26, 2007.

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  1. Harisa

    Harisa Guest

    ...and how d'you like my signature,
    Compared to th'last one 'tis a miniature.
    The dome is the star,
    And lovingly familiar,
    and the words are but mere furniture.;)
  2. Harisa

    Harisa Guest

    Why, thank you naqshbandijamaati.
    As you can see, I was bored and sitting next to the window gazing at the 'beautiful' roadworks, which remineded me of my grave.

    and yes, I like your suggestions and I'll take them on board.

    Thank you very much.
  3. :s1:

    That was very good! I liked it and the rhyme and rhythm was nice. A little suggestion if I may? When writing English poetry try to avoid so many Arabic words--look for the English equivalents.

    masha Allah!
  4. Harisa

    Harisa Guest

    I wanted to add this as my signature, but it is simply way too long. Lemme know what you guys think:

    O' Beloved, this is my Fate.

    O' Beloved*, look at my state,
    O' Beloved, this is my fate.
    Indeed I am in sorrow adrowning,
    All the world is at me afrowning.
    From this prison, release mine is nigh,
    When I say Sahadah, at th'last sigh!

    O' Beloved, look at my face,
    Make al-Jannah, my resting place.
    Shelter me at the time the Sur blows,
    And the Earth disembowels and shows.
    Al-Qiyamah will be that day,
    Save me from Hell, and torment I pray.

    O' Beloved, help me always,
    In ev'ry night and in all the days.
    I was a Muzlim(1), now I'm a Muslim,
    Striving ever to be a Mu'min.
    Jannah-worship is what people do,
    Without the Beloved, it simply won't do.
    Madinah is here so Heaven can wait,
    O' Beloved, this is my fate.

    * Sall Allahu `Alayhi wa-Sallam Da'iman Abadan.
    (1) Muzlim is one who oppresses himself, either physically, mentally or spiritually. That is quite the opposite of the word Muslim.

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