O my Allah

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    O my Allah? By Thine blessing and favor, I have led a long life without suffering grave troubles. During this life I have committed a lot of sins against Thee. I have spent my irada- i juziyya on things which Thou doest not like.

    But now the time of my returning to Thee is so close. From now on, the phases of my life in this world and the next will be as follows:

    Worldly trouble, pangs of death, life in the grave, the Day of Last Judgement, probable rewards and punishments...

    I do not know how I will manage to pass through these dangerous fords with these grave sins of mine. What will become of me if I should not attain Thine forgiveness?

    I do not know if my istighfar and prayers will ever be worthy of admission. Thine attribute of compassion and forgiveness is my one and only hope! Whom else could I trust myself to?

    O my Allah! I believe in Thee. I believe as Thou hast commanded in Thine Book, I believe in Thine Book and Messenger 'sallallahu alaihi wa sallam'.

    My eyes have seen the universe stating Thine infinite greatness. My mind which Thou endowed upon me, has realized Thine grandeur. I also know that my sins are not even a drop in Thine ocean of forgiveness and mercy.

    I repent of the sins I have committed. Do not lessen my feelings of repentance! Increase these feelings of mine to great sorrows, O my Allah!

    O my Allah! Thou likest to forgive. Include me among those slaves of Thine whom Thou willst forgive! Thou art

    Ghafururrahim, O my Allah!

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