On Modernist Conceptions of Islamic Law

Discussion in 'Usul al-Fiqh' started by Lonely_Mountain, Sep 13, 2014.

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  1. Lonely_Mountain

    Lonely_Mountain Active Member

    Syed saab, like I said on the other threads you opened, don't just go out and blurt everything you are good at, it makes your work cheap, what if one of us is in a bad mood and just dismissed you completely out of emotion, then we will dismiss something you have worked very hard on, and that will be very bad for us lol. Don't just put yourself out there messily and haphazardly, dont just express everything you feel pure or impure is what I personally feel like saying.

    I personally would like to read what you have written, but if you're equally hoping that I will criticise you I won't feel very comfortable will I?

    You need to calm down, no one will take you off the forum and you were a bit fast with your accusation to Abu Hassan about that, this is a neutral platform, we dont have a secret police on this okay, so if you are seeking some recognition or some praise maybe put this motive aside for now and lets focus on knowledge shall we?

    I mean this sincerely and I hope you don't take offence, I have been here before

    Ma'a salama
  2. Syed Ahmed Uwaisi

    Syed Ahmed Uwaisi Active Member

    It gives you an overview thats all, its not special.

    You could see it as a response to the Tariq Ramadan and Hamza Yusuf conference on renewing Usul al Fiqh. Anyone remember that one from a couple of years ago??

    Well this is a general overview, nothing special.
  3. Syed Ahmed Uwaisi

    Syed Ahmed Uwaisi Active Member

    Analysing the arguments of the advocates of 'Modernist' conceptions of Islamic law, from an academic perspective.

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