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  1. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    From the Latest newsletter

    It is thus established that such initiatives are NOT EVEN for da3wah like how they promise, but are solely the work of enemies of Islam to equate Islam and kufr. If the aim is not even to get the kafirs to agree on Islam (which is the aim of da3wah), then what exactly is the aim? Peace? Are we really going through a world war right now?

    This is what SARAH's mission statement is all about:

    so we enrich our lives by learning about disbelief?

    And as if that is not enough, the World Interfaith Harmony breakfasts seem to go a step ahead:

    all underlining by me.

    from the main newsletter linked above, this is said in regards to the award-winning documentary viewing:
    I do not fully understand what that line means, but I'd like to ask what "unifying goals of service" the blessed sahaba and the aimma had with kuffaar?

    I also did not understand this from the main newsletter.

    So singing and dancing is haram if we do it on our own, but will it become halal if it is for a good cause like promoting world peace, in an "interfaith" atmosphere?

    I still await the quotes from the sayings/biographies of our elders for or against such matters.

    Any takers?
  2. I think the answer, Sidi, is none of our elders would have supported such haraam initiatives. The Nadwa was nothing compared to this danger...

    I say: in this day and age THANK ALLAH & HIS HABIB صلى الله عليه وسلم for hard-hitting and uncompromising scholars like Pir Sayyid Irfan Shah and others like him who are not PC and who do not wish to win any popularity contests and yet who continue to preach classical Sunni doctrine.
  3. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    There you have it folks - the one size fits all masbaha

    The ultimate promotional tool to assert that Islam is equal to all other religions. How dare someone preach the superiority of Islam? No siree. This masbaha says it all - As long as beads are used, what difference does it make WHOSE name is chanted, right?!

    These fine folk have even presented instructions on how to count to 54 (the catholic count), 108 (the hindu and budhhist jaap count) and to 25 (don't know which religion).

    How embarrassing it must be to market a masbaha with the Muslim 33, or 99 or 100 counters (generally used)?!

    Here's what the payment page says (underline by me):

    I would like to ask what is "Islamic", what is "strategic" and what is "Islam strategic" about the center and this product?

    Their latest newsletter.

    Wouldn't you love to attend a harmony breakfast and hold 20,000 dialogues to ultimately give the message "Islam is the exact same thing as your religion, and your religion is simply perfect for you. If you convert, it's ok, if not, it's still cool."?

    /end sarcasm

    I have deliberately put this in the Siyar section.

    I'm obviously too stubborn, uneducated and narrow-minded to discuss this issue with an "open mind" and "see the larger picture".

    Therefore, someone please enlighten idiots like me which ones of our great a'imma, mujtahids, awliyaa, and sahaba would have supported such initiatives?

    How many of them would have promoted the marketing of these "harmony beads"?

    How many of the masters of tasawwuf would have permitted us to buy these $40 (includes handling) masbahas to practice our awrad and then perhaps "harmoniously" pass it on to a hindu so that he can perform his jaap on it, and then we can all group hug and sing kumbaya.

    This is all I am after.

    Which ones from our esteemed elders would support these initiatives?

    What have our esteemed elders said about such initiatives?

    Obviously, a lot of people have a problem with Ala Hazrat (not talking about this forum). So can brothers and sisters please bring forward the opinions of mujtahid mutlaq and other mujtahid imams from the days past

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