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    Sayyiduna Zunnun Misri Rahmatullahi Ta'ala Alayh has stated: I once moved to Syria and passed by a lush green orchard where i saw a young man busy offering Salah under an apple tree. I felt a surge to talk to him. After the young man finished Salah, i tried to attract his attention but he wrote the following couplets over the ground instead of giving a verbal reply:

    The translation was: The tongue has been prevented from talking because it is cave of calamities and adversities. So therefore when you say something, make Zikr of Allah Azzawajal. Never forget Him and continue to glorify Him in every circumstance.

    Deeply moved by what the young man had written, Sayyiduna Zunnun burst into tears. After he recovered, he also wrote the following couplets with his finger over the ground

    Translation: Every writing person will enter his grave a day but his writing will exist forever. Therefore, write such a thing that brings you happiness on the Day of Judgement.

    Sayyiduna Zunnun further said: Reading what i had written, the pious young man let out a scream and passed away. I thought of bathing and shrouding him but i heard a voice from the unseen: 'Zunnun! leave him. The Creator of the universe (Allah Azzawajal) has promised him that angels with bath and shroud him.' Listening to it, Sayyiduna Zunnun moved to a side of the orchard and got busy with worship. Having offered some Rak'at of Salah, he saw that the young man had disappeared. (Raud-ur-Riyahin,pp.49, amended).

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