Pir Muhammad Karam Shah on Surat al-Kawthar

Discussion in 'Tafsir' started by Wadood, Dec 16, 2008.

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    Ubaid I have changed my reply to your post in the George Bush Shoe thread. Please re-read it again.
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    very good tafsir, however, there is a range of different diffrent interpretations.

    one thing that is always understated is that 'al kauthar' means sayyeda fatima zahra(salam Allah alayha). the reason for this is within the text of the surah.

    the blessed Messenger(sallalah alayhi wa aalihi wasallam) was taunted by the kuffar as being 'abtar' disconnection of male lineage... and in reply the Quran says that he is abtar whilst we gave You(sallalah alayhi wa aalihi wasallam) kauthar. it stands to reason that kauthar means that from which the noble progeny will continue as it is given in response to 'abtar'...

    there are some mufassireen(nishapuri) who have thought kauthar means Sayyeda Zahra(salaam Allah alayha) becuase of its context, which is a response to abtar. if kuffar say that no descendants then reply is yes descendants from Fatima as it is mentioned in the latter part of pir karam shah sahib(rehmatullah alay).
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  4. wa alaykum as-salam.
    Masha Allah, for once Sunnis have produced a translation which does justice to the original. I have Pir Sahib :ra:'s original tafsir in Urdu and it is amazing. Will the whole tafsir be translated to this quality? If so, when? It will be a great boon
    for all English-speaking Muslims.

    May Allah bless all those connected to this project for the sake of His Darling صلى الله عليه وسلم

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