Punk Abu Layth mocks sh. Asrar Rashid

Discussion in 'Refutation' started by ramiz.noorie, Jan 17, 2019.

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  1. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    Also, Abu Lies, if sticking to Munazarah Rashidiyyah was such a big issue, why did Usman agree to it? Both parties agreed to Rashidiyyah so what's the point of you acting like a clown and going on about it?
  2. Aqdas

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    Each science has principles, usul. Abu Lies himself would have studied usul al fiqh and usul al hadith. Similarly, munazarah is a science and it's principles are details in books like adab al bahth wa'l munazarah and munazarah rashidiyyah.

    What Shaykh Asrar was saying is, 'I'll only debate you according to the principles of debate. Otherwise, the debate will have no structure or rules.'

    So it's the same as someone coming to discuss Arabic sentence structures and then refusing to apply the rules of sarf and nahw.
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    CHISHTI Well-Known Member

    Abu Layth understands well that his fame increases when the waters are muddied and truth has not been made apparent..he will hit the people with many different opinions and then say "look..these men differed..so what's wrong with me differing".....and his superficial target audience laps it up...he has to get rid of ijma, the reliability of Bukhari shareef, miracles etc..otherwise his whole circus show comes to a grinding halt....he knows full well that most people aren't going to check up his sources..they can't read Arabic/Urdu...so he plays on their ignorance and packages it up as being modern and progressive...whilst condemning everybody else as village maulvis and as advocates against reason.

    He's a pop culture virus who will infect and destroy the iman of all those who seek his opinion. He won't debate because he can't debate..he knows he will be trapped and made to look like the fraudster he is..
  4. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    a scholar was once touring a village.

    a village idiot asked him, "sir, what benefit did knowledge give you?"

    scholar: it taught me to think with logic and reasoning.
    village idiot: what are logic and reasoning?
    scholar: let me show you by example. do you have a dog?
    village idiot: yes.
    scholar: does the dog guard your home?
    village idiot: yes it does.
    scholar: from this i can deduce that you want to protect your home. is that correct?
    village idiot: correct.
    scholar: from this i can deduce that you probably have a family whom you would like to protect. do you have a wife?
    village idiot: yes.
    scholar: from this i deduce that you're straight and not gay.
    village idiot: yes, of course.
    scholar: this is the benefit of logic and reasoning. notice how i came all the way from the dog to saying you're a straight man.
    village idiot: thank you. i now understand what logic and reasoning are.

    the village idiot then starts going around his village telling people he knows logic and reasoning. another person takes him up on it.

    other villager: what's logic and reasoning?
    village idiot: let me show you by example. do you have a dog?
    other villager: no.
    village idiot: (baffled) hmm, ok. you're gay.
    other villager: no, i'm not. you speak rubbish.
    village idiot: yes, you are. this is based on the principles of logic and reasoning. if you don't have a dog, you're gay.


    if you guessed usman iqbal to be the useless village idiot here, you're on the money. abu layth is not the village idiot here.

    he is the village idiot's dog!
  5. ramiz.noorie

    ramiz.noorie Active Member

    madman abu layth nahiem ajmal
    mocks sh asrar regarding usman deobandi debate

    may Allah protect us from these types

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