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    [Q-ID0547] Do I pay Zakah on money I put aside for my Hajj expenses? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7699

    [Q-ID0548] Is it permissible to have a games room in the Masjid to play snooker, football etc? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7705

    [Q-ID0549] I did not recite the talbiyah when tying Ihram, what is the penalty for this? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7710

    [Q-ID0550] Can Parents spend on themselves the money gifted to their children on Eid or from their savings? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7717

    [Q-ID0551] What should I do if my menstruation cycle starts during the days of Hajj? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7722

    [Q-ID0552] Are Mushrooms Halal to eat? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7726

    [Q-ID0553] Is there any proof for Istikharah and Salah al-Hajat? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7734

    [Q-ID0554] What is the ruling on praying Salah on a chair? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7741

    [Q-ID0555] Inheritance How will my late Father's wealth be distributed between his Wife, 4 Sons and 1 Daughter? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7801

    [Q-ID0556] Where is reciting Durud Sharif (Salawat) before and after the Adhan proven from? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7807

    [Q-ID0557] The Qur'an says 'pious men are for pious women' - so why were the wives of some Prophets not pious? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7814

    [Q-ID0558] Can we recite du’as whilst performing Wudu’ in the bathroom? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7819

    [Q-ID0559] What is the ruling on using/eating items/foods that contain human hair? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7824

    [Q-ID0560] In Tashahud I recited 'ash-hadu an-laa ilaaha' instead of 'ash-hadu al-laa ilaaha' - is my prayer valid? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7827

    [Q-ID0561] How should we distribute my deceased Father's wealth between 3 Sons, 2 Daughters and our Mother? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7832

    [Q-ID0562] Can we keep a long beard, does a beard start below the chin or lip and can we tidy up our beard? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7876
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    [Q-ID0535] Is it permissible to remove the hair growing between our eyebrows (monobrow)? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7543

    [Q-ID0536] Is it permissible to use cannabis oil to help with hair loss and to loose weight? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7549

    [Q-ID0537] Can I read a medical text book inside the Masjid? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7557

    [Q-ID0538] One of my roles as a gynaecologist involves performing abortions, will I be sinful for this? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7560

    [Q-ID0539] Coke, Lucozade, Rubicon Mango all contain small traces of Alcohol, can we still drink them? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7569

    [Q-ID0540] Can we do dhikr to welcome a Scholar or Pir? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7580

    [Q-ID0541] What are the types of Hajj? Please explain the easy methods of performing them. - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7610

    [Q-ID0542] Is it permissible to buy items during the Christmas sales? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7654

    [Q-ID0543] What is the ruling on wishing 'Merry Christmas', exchanging gifts and having parties during Christmas? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7660

    [Q-ID0544] Can a woman wear leather socks during Ihram? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7671

    [Q-ID0545] Is it permissible to make a Charity or another individual perform Qurbani on your behalf? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7684

    [Q-ID0546] If someone did not give Qurbani in the past when it was due upon him, what should he do now? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7693
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    [Q-ID0521] Why are Muslims forbidden to eat pork in Islam? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7422

    [Q-ID0522] Is it permissible to have a credit card? Can I use one to pay for my Hajj pilgrimage? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7429

    [Q-ID0523] What is the Islamic ruling on using contraception? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7434

    [Q-ID0524] I did ghusl and prayed after my menses bleeding stopped, it has now started again. Do I still pray? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7457

    [Q-ID0525] Which litanies can we recite to protect our homes from devils, jinn and other calamities? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7462

    [Q-ID0526] Is it permissible to pray Salah in a shower room? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7471

    [Q-ID0527] What is the Islamic ruling on eating Porcupine? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7477

    [Q-ID0528] Can I claim disability allowance for my child who has ADHD? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7496

    [Q-ID0529] How is to take my newlywed Wife for Umrah, and engaging in sexual relations in Makkah and Madinah? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7509

    [Q-ID0530] What is the ruling on using cannabis oil to cure cancer? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7515

    [Q-ID0531] What is the method of visiting a shrine of a pious saint and a graveyard? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7519

    [Q-ID0532] What should be done with the interest given to me by the Bank? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7524

    [Q-ID0533] What is the ruling on using mouthwash that contains alcohol? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7529

    [Q-ID0534] Is it permissible for women to have their belly button pierced? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7540
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    [Q-ID0497] Does placing a thermometer in the mouth to check temperature nullify the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7115

    [Q-ID0498] Are the marriages and divorces that have taken place in the UK Courts Islamically valid? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7121

    [Q-ID0499] What are the conditions if one wishes to marry a 2nd Wife? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7128

    [Q-ID0500] My non-Muslim Doctor tells me I should not Fast, can I act upon his advice? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7136

    [Q-ID0501] Does the non-Fasting person have to pray the Tarawih prayer? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7144

    [Q-ID0502] If I have a blood test/cupping, will it nullify my Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7163

    [Q-ID0503] If I break a Fast that I was making up for Ramadan, is kaffarah due upon me? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7169

    [Q-ID0504] What is the Islamic ruling on smoking Shisha? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7173

    [Q-ID0505] What is the Islamic ruling on playing card games? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7181

    [Q-ID0506] What should be done with fruit that has the name of Allah on it? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7198

    [Q-ID0507] Does using cotton buds to clean the ears nullify the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7188

    [Q-ID0508] What is the Islamic ruling on performing CPR to save a non-Mahram's life? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7205

    [Q-ID0509] Can I ask for my height to be increased? Is there such a dua I can recite? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7218

    [Q-ID0510] Does entering medicine or oil into the ears nullify the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7228

    [Q-ID0511] A Sunni Scholar has said that a Charity is deceptive, should it now be boycotted? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7235

    [Q-ID0512] What is the ruling on praying Qada' prayers (those prayers I have missed during my lifetime)? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7277

    [Q-ID0513] Are Octopus, Cuttlefish, Tattler and Shrimp halal to eat? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7286

    [Q-ID0514] Can I pray out aloud in the Witr Salah? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7291

    [Q-ID0515] Does the release seminal discharge whilst watching indecent videos nullify the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7367

    [Q-ID0516] Who has to pay Zakah? Is it payable only on that wealth we have held for year? Please explain. - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7371

    [Q-ID0517] Can someone else pay for the expenditure of my Hajj pilgrimage? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7382

    [Q-ID0518] What is the logic behind doing wudu (ablution) before praying Salah? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7387

    [Q-ID0519] What is the Islamic ruling on wearing a tie? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7410

    [Q-ID0520] Is it permissible to visit Madinah Munawwarah before performing the Hajj pilgrimage? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7415
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    [Q-ID0474] Is the Asian wedding custom of applying Haldi (Tumeric) on the Groom permissible? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6845

    [Q-ID0475] Does a Husband have the right to stop his Wife's family from indulging in sin? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6850

    [Q-ID0476] What are the proofs for 20 rakaat Tarawih prayer? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6855

    [Q-ID0477] I can't Fast due to Diabetes, do I give fidyah? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6867

    [Q-ID0478] Does inhaling steam when having a shower break the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6874

    [Q-ID0479] I can't Fast due to arthritis, what should I do? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6882

    [Q-ID0480] I have eczema on my arm, can I wipe instead of wash when doing Wudu? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6894

    [Q-ID0481] Can we pray 2 rak'at nafl before the 3 Fard of Maghrib prayer? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6902

    [Q-ID0482] Do I get reward for using a toothbrush instead of a miswak? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6906

    [Q-ID0483] Can we pray Tarawih prayer in rak'ats of 4 instead of 2? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6919

    [Q-ID0484] Do I have to save Date seeds or can I throw them away? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6926

    [Q-ID0485] The Imam for Tarawih prayer has a short beard, can I pray behind him? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6929

    [Q-ID0486] What does Islam say about women who have had a miscarriage? Do they really bring bad-luck? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6937

    [Q-ID0487] Does a nosebleed nullify the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6940

    [Q-ID0488] Do nicotine patches nullify the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6944

    [Q-ID0489] Does having an internal ultrasound by a gynaecologist nullify the fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6949

    [Q-ID0490] Can I donate blood whilst fasting? Will it nullify my Fast or not? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6974

    [Q-ID0491] Will inhaling the smoke from a welding machine nullify the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6982

    [Q-ID0492] Does bleeding excessively from the private parts nullify the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7073

    [Q-ID0493] Does using mouthwash nullify the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7077

    [Q-ID0494] How long should one delay the Maghrib prayer after eating Iftar? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7081

    [Q-ID0495] Do eye drops invalidate the Fast? I read that they don't. Please clarify your position. - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7090

    [Q-ID0496] Do injections and IV drips nullify the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7105
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    [Q-ID0460] My non-Muslim neighbour gave me food to open my fast, can I eat this? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6740

    [Q-ID0461] Do bleeding gums invalidate the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6745

    [Q-ID0462] When on a plane journey, when should we open our Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6752

    [Q-ID0463] According to which formula should 'Isha be prayed during the summer nights of England? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6763

    Book: Maqaam e Habib (Urdu) - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6712

    Book: Fatawa Europe Wa Britaaniyyah (Urdu) - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6778

    [Q-ID0464] I can taste blood down my throat, is my Fast valid? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6788

    [Q-ID0465] Is there any harm in giving Salam to the one who is eating? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6793

    [Q-ID0466] Does putting the shimla of my imamah in my mouth break the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6799

    [Q-ID0467] Does wearing contact lenses soaked in solution nullify the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6806

    [Q-ID0468] Are there any deeds that are compulsory on the first night of marriage? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6811

    [Q-ID0469] Can I miss my Fasts if I have exams? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6814

    [Q-ID0470] What is the ruling on using eye drops, ear drops and nose drops when Fasting? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6823

    [Q-ID0471] What is the actual meaning of Sawm (Fasting)? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6828

    [Q-ID0472] Some food/drink came up my throat which I swallowed, is my Fast still valid? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6833

    [Q-ID0473] Can I pray Witr behind the Imam if I didn't pray Isha behind him? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6839
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    I would like to sponsor fourty answers via PayPal please let me know the amount and the PayPal payment details.
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  8. Seekers Path

    Seekers Path Active Member

    Yes I think you are right. We could potentially calculate an amount we will need for the year 2019 (with a breakdown) and start raising for it now. It is definitely something that we will seriously consider in shā Allāh.

    Could you please resend that email to us, we may have missed it or forgot to reply. jazākAllāhu khayran
  9. sunni_porter

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    My personal opinion is that the pop-up is not enough. You may be missing out on potential donors that visit the site and hold back on donating because of the lack of information*. For me, it's not just about transparency and respect for the donor, but also whether the organization has a vision and plan for how it is to be used so that I can have some assurance that it'll be used effectively and that I am giving to competent people. You have nothing to lose by providing the information on the site.

    Why not calculate how much funds are required in order for the Scholar to provide X number of hours over the course of a year answering questions? Same for the translator. This will be your 12 month target that you raise funds for and you put on the site. At the end of every 12 months you reassess.

    * I for one held back from donating in the past due to this; and an email inquiring went unanswered.
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  10. Seekers Path

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    We did do something similar last year but we didn't get much of a response. We are not linked to any Pir or organisation therefore we heavily rely on the donations of friends and ourselves.
  11. blogger

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    Why don't you send a WhatsApp message similar to the last post listing all the costs and some of the issues, guaranteed people will donate and you will get double the amount required.
  12. Seekers Path

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    Assalaamu Alaykum,

    The funds are needed to help pay the Scholar for his time answering the questions we receive. It is not a large amount however due to limited donations we receive (majority of which are in the form of regular monthly payments from friends), eventually we will come to a stage where we will have no money to pay him as the donations equate to on average only £200-250 per month. We also want to employ a translator (from abroad to save costs and because we cannot afford a UK translator with the amount of donations we currently receive) on a full time basis. At the moment we have a few brothers who translate the answers in their free time but this is slowing things down as they are only able to translate around their own busy schedules. Other than that there are no costs besides the domain/hosting which are not much at all. Nobody else is paid or profits from any donations.

    The pop-up has been on the site for a while now, if in the future we receive more donations than what we require we wish to have the Scholar give more of his time to answer questions. That is why we have not put a target to how much funds are needed.

    Sorry I can't be more specific at the moment but anyone is welcome to email us further questions if they want specifics or see in person for themselves the incomings/outgoings. We have no problem with that. We have a record for every penny that has come and gone out.

    Hope that helps.
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  13. sunni_porter

    sunni_porter Well-Known Member

    It should state on the site what the funds are needed for, how much is needed and how much has been raised thus far. Sunni organizations should set a high standard of transparency when it comes to collecting funds from the public.
  14. Aqib alQadri

    Aqib alQadri Veteran

    the pop-up says they need funds to keep the website running; that would mean ISP hosting fees and wages for an IT administrator
  15. a_concerned_sunni

    a_concerned_sunni New Member

    Fantastic work! I notice an appeal for funds on the seekerspath.co.uk website please enlighten us what exactly the funds are needed for , I do not mind contributing to this marvelous website.

  16. Seekers Path

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    [Q-ID0446] Does entering a finger into a female's private organ necessitate Ghusl? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6465

    [Q-ID0447] What is the ruling on women visiting graveyards and shrines of the pious? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6473

    [Q-ID0448] Should we respond to the Ayah of Durood by saying 'Haqq Ya Nabi'? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6477

    [Q-ID0449] Can I enter the Masjid and pray wearing a t-shirt that has images on it? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6567

    [Q-ID0450] What is the ruling on work pension plans in the UK? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6566

    [Q-ID0451] Is it permissible to work in a School Kitchen serving non-Halal food? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6673

    [Q-ID0452] My foot came into contact with used water, must I wash my feet again? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6678

    [Q-ID0453] Are the earnings of a Barber halal? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6686

    [Q-ID0454] Is the pregnant or breastfeeding woman required to fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6693

    [Q-ID0455] Is it necessary to have our Father's name as our surname? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6699

    [Q-ID0456] Can I marry a woman whose family has ties to a deviant sect? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6706

    [Q-ID0457] Does using an Asthma inhaler nullify the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6714

    [Q-ID0458] Will brushing my teeth break my Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6728

    [Q-ID0459] I didn't eat anything for suhoor/sehri - can I still keep a Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6734
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    [Q-ID0435] What is the method of performing ghusl on a deceased person? [Hanafi] - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6235

    [Q-ID0436] Banks in the UK are offering free cash if we switch to them, is it permissible to accept this money? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6241

    [Q-ID0437] Do we have to stay away from people who have contagious diseases? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6249

    [Q-ID0438] My In-Laws are doing black magic on me, how can I protect myself? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6254

    [Q-ID0439] If someone has a deceased parent who had missed prayers/fasts, what can their children do for them? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6259

    [Q-ID0440] Can a sayyidah woman marry a non-sayyid man? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6263

    [Q-ID0441] What is the ruling on women applying perfume when going out? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6366

    [Q-ID0442] Can we kiss the Qur'an out of respect? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6370

    [Q-ID0443] Can a Father change the nappy of his baby son or daughter? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6375

    [Q-ID0444] Do I have to pay Zakah on the value of my properties or just the rent I receive from them? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6380

    [Q-ID0445] How do I pray in jama'ah (congregation) with my brother and sisters at home? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6385
  18. Seekers Path

    Seekers Path Active Member

    [Q-ID0423] Is the marriage between a Sunni and Shia valid? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6122

    [Q-ID0424] What is the point in making dua if everything is predestined by Allah? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6129

    [Q-ID0425] Can Muslims eat Kosher/meat slaughtered by Jews? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6135

    [Q-ID0426] Is it allowed to wear 'Halal' nail polish? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6158

    [Q-ID0427] Can I spend my Zakah on my poor cousins wedding? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6162

    [Q-ID0428] ‘If you do not come home tomorrow, then we are finished’ - is saying this a divorce? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6167

    [Q-ID0429] Do I have to pay Zakah on cash I received from selling my house? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6174

    [Q-ID0430] If one from a non-Muslim couple becomes Muslim, is their nikah valid? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6197

    [Q-ID0431] Can we accept donations from non-Muslims for a Mosque or other religious works? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6203

    [Q-ID0432] Do I have to wash through pierced ears and nose that have closed during ghusl? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6208

    [Q-ID0433] Can Husband & Wife have sexual intercourse whilst bathing together? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6212

    [Q-ID0434] Can I skip the Sunnah prayers of Zuhr, Asr and Maghrib whilst at work? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6228
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  20. Aqib alQadri

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