qasim nanotvi citing a hadith

Discussion in 'Hadith' started by AR Ahmed, May 5, 2020.

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    take qasim nanotvi. in his taHzir al-naas, on p7 he cites a hadith:

    kuntu nabiyyan wa aadamu bayn al-maa'i wa't Tin.

    in the original 1291 edition:
    tahzir 1291, p7.png

    in the reprint of 1309:

    tahzir 1309, p7.png

    it is well known among people, but this not the right wording. indeed, the meaning in itself is correct, but the wording is not found in any known narration. ulama have used this phrase for praise; but attributing it as a hadith is not right anyways.

    see imam sakhawi's maqaSid al-Hasanah, #837.

    maqasid sakhawi 837.png

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