radd of muhannad (1919 AH / 1338 AH)

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    i stumbled on this short risalah by mawlana riyasat ali shahjahanpuri refuting muhannad.

    the date printed on this risalah says October 1919 CE which is Muharram 1338 AH; about two years before the passing of Alahazrat in 1340 AH. also in the risalah, the author does not mention alahazrat posthomously (see p.10)

    it appears that al-muhannad was circulated at least in 1919 CE; whether it was published already or just being circulated for signatures/endorsements is not clear.

    anyway, the obvious lies and deciet of muhannad are refuted. but it is trying to shame the utterly shameless.

    laa Hawla wa la quwwata illa billah.


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