Rare recording of Sahir Ludhiyanvi reciting his masterpiece "Kabhi Kabhi" (Sometimes)

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by naqshbandijamaati, Jan 25, 2008.

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    I don't know why brothers are so upset that i posted a classical urdu poem in the POETRY thread. the poem was neither rude nor blasphemous nor salacious so i don't see why it is so controversial all of a sudden. as for the link -- it is to a recitation with NO music. since when has it been haram to listen to someone recite poems without music--even if the reciter is a non-muslim?

    just because amitabh is an actor--does it mean we cannot listen to him recite something mubah? that is so illogical. it is like arguing we shouldn't read Caesar's Gallic Wars because he was a bisexual or not read Ghalib because he was a wine drinker or Mir because he was a Rafidi? the Art of an artist is not related to the artist's private life...and nothing in this recital is unislamic as far as i am aware.

    as for comments by the likes of abu fadl he is always showing his true colors in moments like these -- can he show me where ala hazrat has outlawed poetry recitals? his own brother composed a diwan of non-religious poetry too and was a shagird of the great urdu poet nawab daagh dihlawi.

    maybe he should actually follow ala hazrat on matters of aqaid himself...

    as for the deobandit tazkiyyah he is just an imbecile who has nothing but hatred in his heart for sunnis so i just ignore him.
    coming from a group of people who invited gandhi to the mosque and made him sit on the minbar...and who compared the milad e paak to the birth of the hindu idol kishan kanhaiya [it was gandgohi who said this] i would not be surprised if such naaray as the sick one he posted are allowed in madrassah e deogand.
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  2. abu Hasan

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    let us send an istiftaa to deoband:

    "if a person says: [copy taz's ugly tanz]
    does he remain in islam? if not, is it necessary for him to do tajdid of faith? if he is married, is it necessary for him to do tajdid of nikah?"

    bayyinuu tuujiruu.
  3. abu nibras

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    is that your call ? who r u mocking ?
  4. tazkiyya2003

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    Naara e Bollywood
    Naare e sajjada nasheen-e-Ahlus Sunnatas-shayateen
    Ya Amitaabh Bachan MADDAD
  5. Abu Fadl

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    brother noori, that's i why i had the confused face.

    plus i thought nj said he only follows ala hazrat but it seems from many of his past posts that he is very distanced from the teachings of Ala Hazrat (RA).
  6. I sense a bit of mirza Ghalib in there!
  7. Noori

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    brother asif what is this? this is an islamic forum not a bollywood forum, please - we beg your pardon.
  8. Abu Fadl

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  9. and a better recitation [no music] by the Indian actor Mr. Amitabh Bachchan who has a great voice and great Urdu diction. Ah! The pure aesthetic pleasure of Urdu poetry!
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TA-Ng3vHbw
    (no video for the strict brothers only his voice over some photos)

    vah! subhan Allah!
    A translation of sorts can be found here:


    kabhii kabhii mere dil me.n Khayaal aataa hai...
    ke zi.ndagii terii zulfo.n kii narm chaao.n me.n
    guzarane paatii to shaadaab ho bhii sakatii thii
    ye tiirgii jo merii ziist kaa muqaddar hai
    terii nazar kii shuaao.n me.n kho bhii sakatii thii

    ajab na thaa ke mai.n begaanaa-e-alam ho kar
    tere jamaal kii raanaaiiyo.n me.n kho rahataa
    teraa gudaaz badan terii niim-baar aa.Nkhe.n
    i.nhii.n hasiin fasaano.n me.n maaho rahataa

    pukaaratii.n mujhe jab talKhiyaa.N zamaane kii
    tere labo.n se halaawat ke ghuu.NT pii letaa
    hayaat chiikhatii phiratii barahanaa-sar, aur mai.n
    ghanerii zulfo.n ke saaye me.n chhup ke jii letaa

    magar ye ho na sakaa aur ab ye aalam hai
    ke tuu nahii.n, teraa Gam, terii justajuu bhii nahii.n
    guzar rahii hai kuchh is tarah zi.ndahii jaise
    ise kisii ke sahaare kii aarazuu bhii nahii.n

    zamaane bhar ke dukho.n ko lagaa chukaa huu.N gale
    guzar rahaa huu.N kuchh a.njaanii guzar_gaaho.n se
    muhiib saaye merii simt ba.Date aate hai.n
    hayaat-o-maut ke pur_haul Khaarazaaro.n se

    na koii jaadaa na manzil na roshanii kaa suraaG
    bhaTak rahii hai Khaalaao.n me.n zi.ndagii merii
    i.nhii.n Khalaao.n me.n rah jaauu.Ngaa kabhii khokar
    mai.n jaanataa huu.N merii ham-nafas magar yuu.N hii

    kabhii kabhii mere dil me.n Khayaal aataa hai



    Sometimes the thought comes to my mind…
    That life spent in the soft shadows of your tresses
    Would be so joyful if it could be so; that
    This sorrow, which seems to be the fate of my existence
    Could have been lost in the radiance of your eyes.

    It would not have been strange if I, forgetful of the world
    Had remained lost in the flashes of your beauty.
    Your lithe body, your half-shut, dreamy eyes—
    If I had been occupied with such beautiful fantasies.

    And when the bitter realities of life called me
    I would have drunk the sweet nectar of your lips.
    Life would be shouting and shrieking about me, and I
    Would have hidden in the shadows of your thick tresses, and lived.

    But alas this could not be and now such is my condition
    That neither you, nor sorrow for your loss, nor longing for you exist.
    My life is passing by in such a manner as if
    It has not even the aspiration for anyone’s succour.

    I have embraced the sorrows of the world.
    I am travelling through unknown paths
    Terrifying shadows are coming toward me
    From the frightening planes of life and death.

    I have no place, no goal, neither a ray of sunlight.
    My life is being wasted in desolate wildernesses.
    I will remain lost in such desolate places for ever
    I know, o my soul-mate, but still, out of the blue,
    Sometimes the thought comes to my mind…
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