Rawafidi on the status of Hazrat Ali

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    I have been communicating with and debating shia on the subject of the status of Hazrat Ali. I quoted the sunni stance...ie that those who say that any of the 12 imams are greater than the Ambiya ..are Kafir

    This shia I was debating responded with the following hadith

    Dar al manthur ____________________________________________ طالب Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud narrated that Holy Prophet (s) said: “An angel came to me and said: “O Muhammad! Ask the messengers sent before you that how were they designated as messengers.” I inquired that how were they designated? The angel replied “They were designated on the affirmation of your and Ali Ibn Abi Talib’s Wilayah” Al-kashaf wal Bayan fi Tafsir al Quran by Abu Ishaq Thalabi. This tafsir can be downloaded from the following Salafi link https://t.co/Be9yPFlefF Gharaib al Qur’an, part 25, Surah al-Zukhraf, page 67.Shawahid al-Tanzeel, Volume 2, page 224Tareekh Damishq, Volume 42 page 241 https://t.co/5s7073EfQA al-Uloom al-Hadith by Imam Hakim, Volume 1 page 153 https://t.co/Pv5VU3m1rW by al-Khawarezmi, page 312 & Imam Hakim stated: “The hadith is sole narration by Ali bin Jabir from Muhammad bin Khaled from Muhammad bin Fudhail, we didn’t write it except from (the narration of) Ibn al-Mudhafar and to us he is considered Hafiz, Thiqah and secure”

    “It is narrated by Abu Huraira that Rasul (saww) said, when Allah (swt) created Adam (as), and when the soul entered his body, Adam (as) looked towards the garden of heaven and saw 5 bright faces. Adam (as) was amazed that they were prostrating towards Allah (swt). Adam (as) asked Allah (swt), that who are these five faces who are like me? Allah (swt) said, that all of these five will be from your progeny, but as you are made from clay, they are created from my Divine Nur. And I have created the entire creation for them only and their names are from My Names. That is I am Mahmood and he is Mohammad, I am Alaa and he is Ali, I am Fatir and she is Fatima, I am Ahsaan and he is Hassan and I am Mohsin and he is Hussain. I swear by my Divine majesty, that if anybody does not respects them or even that does not believe in any one of them, then I will throw them in eternal punishment. So, O’ Adam, understand well that all these five are my chosen ones, and for them I will forgive people and shower my compassion. And if you (Adam) or anyone from your progeny befalls any hardship, then ask me with the intercession of these five for help, verily you will find me most beneficient. Rasul (saww) also said, that whoever wants happiness and peace in their life, then they should believe in all five of us as one, and love us and pray to Allah (swt) with intercession of our Names in their prayers.” Musharaful Mahbubeen Page 411 & 412 (published in Calcutta) There is a very similarly worded narration to this on the authority of Abu Hurraira in Faraid al Simthayn Volume 1 page 36 [Beirut] and Arjahu al Muttalib page 575 by Abdullah Amritsari citing Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani with a chain upto Abu Hurraira.

    Please could some1 help me respond to this arguament .

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