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  1. AbdalQadir

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    That is an opinion within Sunniyat itself, of some scholars. Ala Hazrat mentions it in his translation Kanzul Iman in the footnotes of the translation of one of the verses of Surah Najm, and he says the other opinion is more correct [and more popular?], that he saw Allah with his blessed eyes in the state of being awake.

    The experience of this sight is unknown to us. it will be known to the believers in heaven, when they see Allah Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala.

    My understanding is that the other opinion [of seeing Gebril 'alaihis salam in his true form only, as he is the most magnificient of all angels] is due to the fact that the Prophet, Allah raise his ranks and grant him peace, has himself said that believers shall see Allah subhaanahu wa Ta'aala in the hereafter and not in this life.

    Our counter-explanation is that the Prophet's, on him be the choicest salutations, vision of his Creator on the Mi'raj journey wasn't in the "life of this world" per se as he had transcended this world and life as we know it, on this blessed journey, and all this is besides the fact that his blessed personality is showered by khasaais and special favors not accorded to other Prophets even, let alone common believers, so it is from his khasaais. Therefore there is no reason why this narrative should be diametrically opposite to the Prophet's stating that Haqq Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala shall be seen by the believers in the hereafter, and this becoming a case of either-or.

    Other than your mention of wahabis, the only people I have personally seen subscribing to this belief that the Prophet, on him be salutations, only saw Gebril 'alaihis salam in his true form and didn't see Allah - are the habashis and the other Lebanese Sunnis follow the same belief as we do. All non-shia, ie real Sunnis and claimants, believe that believers shall see their Creator Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala in the hereafter.

    Allah and His Messenger know best.
  2. that sounds more like a modernist belief. as far as i know wobblers believe in bodily miraj. however where we differ is they do not believe that our Master صلى الله عليه وسلم met with Allah Taala and had the Divine Vision. They say he only saw Gabriel alayhisalam and deny many of the other details.
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  3. Haroon

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    I never came across anyone who thinks meraj was only spiritual and not physical, and i know a lot of wahhabis, so i assume its not a common belief amongst them.
  4. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    i don't know about their senior clerics but from the common folk i don't think all wahabis subscribe to this rubbish, at least not the one's i know. probably a strand of half-modernist qutubis and other such people who are really "wahabis of the wahabis"... lol some of them leave the mainstream wahabis speechless by presenting to them the same type of rubbish "logic" that the mainstream wahabis present to sunnis. the mainstream wahabis are busy in bid'ah-bashing and the usual spiel about controversies on dates and ikhtilaf of the muhadditheen and so on, so how we simply can't single out the 27th night for extra worship and how it is a major bid'ah to keep supererogatory fasts in the month of rajab, etc. it is however, not a bid'ah if a person fasts extra out of habit, like thursday and monday or just has a habit of fasting every now and again, without assigning any special status to the month of rajab... blablabla
  5. sherkhan

    sherkhan Veteran

    ... and of what use would Buraq be if the journey is merely that of soul or only in a dream. Unless the journey is physical, a mount (or means of conveyance) is utterly redundant.
  6. edhi92

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    Imam al-Ajal Abu Ja'fer Tibri reported in his commentary 'Jami' al-Bayan':

    أسرى بروحه دون جسده، لأن ذلك لو كان كذلك لم يكن في ذلك ما يوجب أن يكون ذلك دليلا على نبوّته، ولا حجة له على رسالته، ولا كان الذين أنكروا حقيقة ذلك من أهل الشرك، وكانوا يدفعون به عن صدقه فيه، إذ لم يكن منكرا عندهم، ولا عند أحد من ذوي الفطرة الصحيحة من بني آدم أن يرى الرائي منهم في المنام ما على مسيرة سنة، فكيف ما هو على مسيرة شهر أو أقل؟ وبعد، فإن الله إنما أخبر في كتابه أنه أسرى بعبده، ولم يخبرنا أنه أسرى بروح عبده

    Me'raj was done with both body and soul. If a person says that it was only soul who did the Meraj or it was only a dream then this will be an insignificant charge.
    1. If it so then what would be the evidence of prophet hood in it?
    2. How one can name it as a miracle of Prophet (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him)?
    3. Why the Mushrikeen-e-Makkah refuse to accept it because everything is possible in dream?
    4. They actually argue on the possibility of doing a journey of months in little part of night.
    5. In the above verse the Almighty said, 'carried His bondman' not 'carried His bondman's soul'
    6. 'Abd' is a composite of both body and soul." [Jami al-Bayan, Mo'assasa ar-Risalah, Vol 17, Page 350, Verse 17:1]
  7. For people who don't understand Urdu here is a brief explanation:

    Allama Turab Ul Haq(Damat Barkatuhu) clarified the Hadith which Wahabis use to deny the physical journey.
    Following is a Hadith which is narrated by people whoreject Physical Ascension:
    Hazrat Ayesha (RadiyallahuAnha) declared that The Holy Prophet (Sallalahualaih Wa Sallam) wasonly transported bi-Ruhihi (in spirits) and His blessed body did notleave its place.
    Allama Turab Ul Haq(Damat Barkatuhu) mentioned in the speech that:
    1>The age of Beloved (Sallalahualaih Wa Sallam) at the time of Meeraj was 42 according tohistorians.And at that time Hazrat Ayesha (Radiyallahu Anha) was not evenborn.So,that Hadith Can’t be taken as proof.

    2> Even for Argument’s sake if we say that Meeraj happened to Beloved (Sallalahualaih Wa Sallam) after the age of 50 years, even then it is a established fact And allMuhaddith are unanimous in their opinion that that Hazrat Ayesha (Radiyallahu Anha) was married to Beloved (Sallalahualaih Wa Sallam) in Makkah Sharif, but Hazrat Ayesha(Radiyallahu Anha) did notstay with Beloved (Sallalahualaih Wa Sallam) inMakkah Sharif and she came to stay with Holy Prophet(Sallalahualaih Wa Sallam) InMadina Munawwara. So the Hadith of Hazrat Ayesha (Radiyallahu Anha) can’t betaken as proof anyways as Meeraj happened in Makkah.

    3> Soscholars say that Hazrat Ayesha(RadiyallahuAnha)did beleive physical Mira'aj but said it didnt happen during her time with theBeloved (Sallalahualaih Wa Sallam).
    The statement refers to one of the many Miraajs that the Holy Prophet (Sallalahualaih Wa Sallam) hadin his dream and not to the Physical Miraaj as stated in the Holy Quran.

    4> Shah Abdul Haq Muhaddith Dehlwi(Rehmatullahi Alaih) states that number of Meeraj of Holy Prophet(Sallalahualaih Wa Sallam) is 37 and out of that 36 were spiritual andone was Physical.So, Hazrat Ayesha(RadiyallahuAnha) is mentioning one such incident of Meeraj in this Hadith.

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