Request! Good classical book for zikr, awraad and wazaif [remembrance and litanies]

Discussion in 'Adhkar' started by saghe_jilani, Sep 25, 2008.

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  1. saghe_jilani

    saghe_jilani New Member

    Punj-surah Razvia also some great daily awraad and wazaif.

    JazakAllahu khayrun
  2. azizq

    azizq Well-Known Member

    The Murid should obey the commands of his Shaikh (spiritual guide) in every thing and particularly in the regular performance of religious rituals and the wazaifs (recitations) enjoined by the Shaikh, in order to derive maximum spiritual benefit, those who are not content with the guidance provided by their own Shaikh-e-Kamil and keep seeking it from others, ultimately waste their efforts (just as a rolling stone gathers no moss). Syedna Pir Mehr Ali Shah(RA)

  3. Abu Fadl

    Abu Fadl Banned

    for wazaaif you should be asking your Pir Sahib/Shaikh.
  4. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    :rolleyes: can we a bit less melodramatic?

    as brother sherkhan noted, some of these adhkar are more beneficial with an ijazah and the barakah of a shaykh; that does not mean it is forbidden for those without ijazahs.

    i am very fond of the hizb of shaykh al-akbar because every sentence is a du'a and every dua includes a verse from the qur'an.

    i remember faintly having read a fatwa somewhere on this issue - have to check....

    Allah ta'ala knows best.
  5. I think things like Hizb al Bahr include general ijazats for everyone written by their authors i.e. Imam Jazuli etc.

    Wallahu aalam.
  6. Is Allah's Kalam to be taken lightly? It is powerful beyond our imaginations. I was told that when a Shaykh gives ijazah to his murid(s) to recite a certain wazaif he takes it upon himself so that the murid is not affected by the power.

    I know of people who read certain kalam without ijazat and it made them go crazy. One person lost his mind and ran naked through the streets though he used to be perfectly healthy and sane. When i asked the elders in the village what happened to him they said he read certain wazaif without ijazat and it was too powerful for him to take!
  7. sherkhan

    sherkhan Veteran

    I can understand that wazaifs or "amal" intended to break spells, ward of devils/jinns, cause some extraordinary actions etc. can be very disorienting for the one doing it.

    But how can supplications and hizbs like Hizb al-Bahr, Bashair al-Khayrat etc. cause any harm to the reciter? These wazaifs are composed mainly of Quranic verses or asma ul-husna etc. Why should they make one go crazy?
  8. cos the wazaif are v powerful and can make u go crazy if u read them without ijazah.
  9. sherkhan

    sherkhan Veteran

    al-Fuyudat ar-Rabbaniyya (translated by Muhtar Holland) also contains the above three hizbs.

    There is another publication by Anqa (see here) with translation and transliteration of Ibn 'Arabi's al-Dawr al-a'la or Hizb al-wiqaya. I don't know how reliable this translation is.

    There are a number of translations and transliterations of Hisn al-Hasin available in the bookstores, but most of them are from salafi publishers.

    There are number of Urdu publications such as majmua wazaif etc. which have good compilation of hizb, awrads etc.

    I am given to understand that many of these wazaifs should not be recited without blessing or permission of a knowledgable shaykh. Although I can understand that permission from a pir or a shaykh would bestow additional barakah to such recitation, I don't know what is the reason for dislike against people picking and choosing their own wazaifs.
  10. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    al-adhkar by imam nawawi for prayers (dua);

    another book is imam al-jazari's Hisn al-Hasin [a formidable fortress]: there is an interesting story about this book and its compilation.

    two other books by imam yusuf an-nabhani:

    mufarrij al-kurub wa mufarriH al-qulub: [that which eases agony and pleases the heart] this is a good book and you can probably mark a few regular du'a to recite/read in mornings and evenings. apart from various important everyday du'a from sunnah, it also includes
    • Hizb of muHiyuddin ibn al-arabi [an eloquent compilation and prayer by various verses of the qur'an]
    • Hizb al-baHr of imam shadhili
    • Hizb of imam nawawi and
    • Hizb of shaykh abdu'l Qadir jilani.
    recent copies of the book include his other booklet Hizbu'l istighaathat bi sayyidi's saadat which is a collection of 40 forms of istighatha and tawassul.

    riyaD al-jannah min adhkar al-kitabi wa's sunnah. [a garden of paradise - litanies drawn from the Book and Sunnah]: this is a collection of du'a from the Book and from hadith. a good book for those who would like to include it in a routine.

    these books are easily available and immediately usable (there are diacritical markings making it easy for non-arabs to recite)

    as brother sherkhan has mentioned, dalayil al-khayrat; an elderly and pious friend of mine recites it as prescribed - a part a day. if one cannot read the whole thing, then at least the last du'a in dalayil which is about two pages - if not everyday, at least on a friday; wa billahi't tawfiq.

    another comprehensive du'a is that found in quut al-qulub of al-makki; which was reproduced by as-suharwardi in his classic awarif al-ma'arif.

    there are also other books like at-tannukhi's al-faraj ba'd ash-shiddah and ibn as-sunni's amal al-yawm wa'l laylah..or ibn allan's al-futuhat ar-rabbaniyyah.

    Allah ta'ala knows best.
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  11. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    Is it true that Sayyidi Imam Ahmad Rada Khan :ra: had a chain of transmission of Hizb al-Bahar al-Shareef? If so, you can read Hizb al-Bahar. I found it in Qadiri Wazaif books in Lahore. The whole of Hizb al-Bahar al-Shareef of Sayyiduna Imam Abul Hasan al-Shadhili radiAllahu 'anhu
  12. sherkhan

    sherkhan Veteran

    Try the following:

    1. Emanations of Lordly Grace (al-Fuyudat ar-Rabbaniyya)
    see excerpts

    2. Dalail-al Khayrat by Imam Jazuli
    see here
    there is also a publication by Kazi Publishers

    3. al-Hizb al-Azam by Mulla Ali al-Qari
  13. :s1:

    anyone know of any books to use for daily wazaif?


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