Ruling on Women for travelling alone .

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    It does not matter how the travelling is done, whether by air, land or sea. In fact it is worse to travel by air as she must mix with men closely, here is a fatwa by mufti e azam europe رضي الله عنه regarding women travelling alone:

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    What of Today's time period #Travelling via Air-Plane in Few Spans of time ?
    I do the accept the ruling given below ,
    My Question is to clear issue of today's women who often travel by domestic air-ways as it takes all about 1 hour to travel long distance say by train it takes 3 days.
    JazakAllahu khaira for the answer .
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    It is forbidden for women to travel on her own or without her husbands or Mahram (a male with whom marriage is forbidden forever).

    It is in al-Fatawa al-Hindiyyah :-“It is not permissible for a woman to travel on a distance of three days or more (which is equal to 57.5 miles) without a Mahram. She cannot travel with other women, she needs to accompany her husband or a Mahram.”[Kitab al-Salah, vol.1, p. 142]

    To such an extent, she cannot even embark upon a spiritual journey to Hajj without her husband or any Mahram.

    Imam Ahmed Rida Khan (رحمة الله عليه) was asked regarding a woman whether she is allowed to go to Hajj without her husband. He wrote:“If the Mahram is with her then she can, otherwise she is not allowed to.”

    [Fatawa-e-Ridawiyyah, vol. 23, p. 107].

    The fatwa in Bahare Shariat is on one day’s journeying due to the fasad of these times according to a riwayah from Imam Abu Hanifah and Qadi Abu Yusuf rahimahumullah

    “It is not permitted for a woman to travel the distance of 3 days journeying or more without a mahram, in fact even the distance of 1 days journeying (approx 19 miles).”

    See Bahare Shariat vol 1 pg 752.
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    Can pls reply to This Question.

    1: What is the Hanafi ruling on Women (married or unmarried)travelling alone to Other county or long distances more than 90 km,
    [Few married women do travell alone to foreign country's bco's of their respective spouse's stay there and they couldn't accompany their wife ,
    While Few Unmarried women travel for their Study purposes].
    (As in books- it's said women r not Allowed to travell without their Mehram if travelling more 92km even can't travel alone for Hajj,
    but today it's not so ,many Women don't listen or few often say's #Now the Situations are different from Past and Few from Islamic ground do the same)

    And What about If A Woman wishes to travel Haramain sharifain and had no Mehram with Her ?

    JazakAllahu khaira

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