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  1. Shanzey

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    I went Pakistan for the first time last year and the first Darbar i went to was Kharri Shareef, it's beautiful I recommend it. They do quite alot of Dhamal in Lahore too especially Madho lal shah Hussain RA who wrote kafi form of poetry similar to Khwaja Ghulam Farid RA.
    "Uche burj Lahore de ne, jithay wassde chaar masalan ne, ithay Mian Mir di basti ay, ithay Shah Jamal da dhera ay. Ikk paase da Data (RA) malik, dujje paasay da Madho Lal (RA)"
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    Yes, I have also visited the lake, it is indeed very beautiful. As for Khari Sharīf, then I intended to visit last year when I was in Pakistan, however I was unable to go due to the earthquakes that occurred, maybe next time I am in Pakistan I can visit by the permission of Allāh.
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    It’s near Kaghan Valley & Naran. I went it’s beautiful but the poetry is different. A few miles before Mirpur there’s a small town called Chechiyqn and outside this town is the Khanqah of Pir e Shah Ghazi RA and also Maqbarah of Mian Mohammad Bakhsh RA. Should visit Kharri Shareef. Saif ul Malook closely resembles pothwari punjabi and is listened to and recited on regular basis with different Tarz, most popular pahari tarz. The traditional sher khwaan of the region always recite it.
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    It isn't in Swat...
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    Main ucheyan de sang layi, sadkay jaawa Inna uchiyan kolun jinna neviyan naal nibhai
  6. Wow! Lake Saiful Malook is simply awesome--that is in photos and I have never gone in person! It is on my must see list if I go to pak this summer...sadly with the Wahabi-inspired violence in Swat etc. it is going to be difficult...

    Yes he is known as Rumi e Kashmir! :ra:
  7. I have shoukat Ali's version(instrumentals inc.) for nearly 10 yrs now and simply cannot tire of it.

    Syed Faseehuddin suhrwardi's(without instrumentals) is great too.

    The amount of sufi wisdom contained within it is mindblowing.

    A true Arif e billah was mian Mohammed Baksh Al-Qadiri (Rehmatullah Alayh)
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  9. jazakallah. i have heard shaukat ali's version --it is marvellous. many of the ulama from the panjab commonly recite it! even owais qadri sahib --who is a memon and not a panjabi--has recited it!

    it is on a par with the kalam of mawlana rumi...
  10. SA01

    SA01 Veteran listening to it:)

    In fact, I have the book at home.............well, it's loaned to someone at the moment! My father-in-law has a killer voice and is a great fan. Here is a link to the traditional spiritual poem and verse by Shaukat Ali:

  11. :s1:

    Which other Panjabi brothers here love to listen to the Sufi poetry of the
    great Sufi Mian Muhammad Bakhsh Qadri from his book Saiful Malook?

    I know in most naat conferences they recite his work in the unique raag used for his kalam.

    Main neevaaN mera Murshid uccha...
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