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    i heard mufti akmal a few months ago during rabi' al-awwal and in consecutive speeches that i heard, he mentioned the slogan that we shout: sayyidi murshidi,the reply to which is ya nabi ya nabi.

    mufti sahib said that we mispronounce it regularly. he was part of the procession in manchester at the victoria park mosque and said he was pained at the repetitive mistake slogan shouters made. he said that one imam told someone off politely but the slogan shouter replied that it's become the norm, hence, it's ok! mufti sahib said that is no excuse.

    he said that pronouncing sayyidi as sayyadi is wrong but forgivable but the graver one is mispronouncing murshidi as murshadi.

    murshid is someone who shows the way and rasulAllah sallAllahu 'alaihi wasallam is therefore murshidi but murshad is someone who is guided.

    he said we must take care in this. i believe he may have said that if we cannot pronounce it, leave it out but i cannot remember for certain if he said this.

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