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    to which afdal al-khalq ba'd al-anbiya sayyidina abu bakr siddiq radiyAllahu ta'ala 'anhu responded that how can i do something which rasulAllah sallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam didn't? in the end, the hadith mentions that Allah opened siddiq e akbar's heart to accept the idea and thus the mus'Haf was compiled.

    another wrath upon the wahabiya that Allah opened siddiq's heart to something which he himself described as something rasulAllah sallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam didn't do!
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    sayyid irfan mash'hadi made a fine point once. he said it is the ihsan of our master umar radiyAllahu ta'ala 'anhu that today, amongst ahlu's sunnah, we have millions of huffaz e qur'an and the rawafid have hardly any.


    it is because he initiated the tarawih prayer and an imam for tarawih needs to be a hafiz. the rawafid don't believe in tarawih and thus, by ignoring the genius idea of umar, shoot themselves in the foot and have no huffaz amongst them.

    it is his immense favour that the ummah has millions of huffaz and the qur'an is preserved is these millions of hearts.

    he also had the idea of collating the qur'an into one volume after yamama where 700 huffaz [qurra] were martyred.

    btw, the tarawih refutes the wahabis too because our master umar radiyAllahu ta'ala 'anhu described it as: ni'ymati'l bid'atu hadhi'hi [what a good bid'ah this is].

    woh umar jis ke a'adaa pe shayda saqar
    us khuda dost hazrat pe lakhoN salam

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