Sayyidul IstiGhfaar !

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    Reported Shaddad ibn Aws, raDiallhu anhu , the messenger of Allah saws said, - The Sayyidul IstiGhfaar (chief of prayers for forgiveness) as


    Oh allah, you are my Lord, there is no God but You. You created me and I am Your servant and I will keep my covenant and promise to You as much as I can. I seek refuge with You from all the evil I have done. I admit before You Your blessings upon me and I admit to You all my sins. So forgive me. Certainly none can forgive sins except You.”

    Sayyiduna Rasulallah saws added, “If somebody recites it during the day with firm faith in it and dies on the same day before the evening, he will be from the people of Paradise and if somebody recites it at night with firm faith in it and dies before the morning he will be from the people of Paradise.”

    Al-Bukhari 8:75:318


    abu nibras

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