sazaa miHan pey ayse minan

Discussion in 'Hadayiq e Bakhshish' started by sag e raza, May 15, 2010.

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  1. sag e raza

    sag e raza Active Member

    I'm sorry but the translations you did were beautiful!!
  2. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    masha'Allah. a great effort by the duo of hadayiq translators.
  3. I think Sidi AH and my own (poor) efforts show how difficult the task of
    translation is. The same couplet in Urdu and yet look at the myriad possible translations!
  4. :s1:

    That's actually very good! I personally prefer this type of translation to the
    more literal type earlier. It is more ornate and not quite a replica of the Urdu but
    should translation be? Another attempt by me:

    Inside the Heavens are gardens there
    Full of jasmine fields ever so fair
    Such refined orchards exist where
    Recline loveliest brides, maidens fair

    What rewards God does declare
    For our toil and labours, are you aware?
    All this largesse of which He spake-
    Is only, Beloved, for thy sake!

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  5. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    i am sorry for the childish verse, but i could not resist it. please don't laugh:
    In paradise are gardens wide,
    Gardens adorned with jasmine inside
    In those flowers, elegance espied
    And in such glory, there sits a bride;

    Our toils, travails are thus replied
    With favors grand and grace beside
    Where peace and calm, and safety reside
    'Tis for thy sake; these all abide.
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  6. here is my own attempt at translating it in a slightly more poetic manner:

    Brides within the loveliness within jasmine flowers within gardens within paradises!
    Such bounteous favours are granted us for our toil and labour all for thy sake!
  7. :s1:

    that is a gem of a couplet by ala hazrat--my personal favourite! thanks.
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  8. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    jināN meiN chaman, chaman meiN saman, saman mein phaban, phaban mein dulhan
    sazā e-miĥan pe aysey minan, ye amn o amāN tumhāre liyey

    Paradises; in it are gardens; and in those gardens are jasmine flowers; these jasmine flowers are beautiful and bedecked; and in such adornment sits a bride.

    our toils, our troubles are rewarded with such mighty favors; truly, all safety, tranquillity and peace is for your sake.
    jināN: plural of jannah. jannah/jannat: paradise.

    chaman: garden or part of the garden.

    saman: jasmine

    phaban: adornment, embellishment

    dulhan: bride

    saza: reward (it is used both as reward and punishment; here, reward)

    miĥan: plural of miĥnah. miĥnah/miĥnat: striving, working hard, suffering etc.

    minan: plural of minnah; minnah/minnat: favor

    amn: safety, peace

    amāN: tranquillity, peace
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