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Discussion in 'General Topics' started by abu Hasan, Sep 5, 2017.

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    As snowden has said..."surveillance companies have just re-branded themselves as social media platforms". The propaganda that was utilised by print media has now evolved with technology. Companies and political groups can specifically target millions with the data mined from social media.
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    I doubt if facebook peers, Allamahs and mufassirs will have the nerve to advise their fans to stop using facebook or delete their accounts. Afterall, they owe a large part of their credibility and reputation to social media. Besides, many of them are probably too clueless to care.
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    when they can lie through their teeth and not be held accountable - facebook's "apologies" are just another scene of the playacting they perform everyday on the dumb-side of the curtains.

    For 2016, Facebook would do the voter targeting itself. Now Facebook is the hot new political consultant because it controls all the valuable data about voter preferences and behavior. No one needs Cambridge Analytica or the Obama 2012 app if Facebook will do all the targeting work and do it better.

    This is the main reason why we should stay steady at the rim of the Cambridge Analytica rabbit hole. Cambridge Analytica sells snake oil. Its “psychometric” voter targeting systems don’t work. No campaign has embraced them as effective. And Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix even admitted that the Trump campaign did not deploy psychometric profiling. Why would it? It had Facebook to do the dirty work for it. Cambridge Analytica tries to come off as a band of data wizards. But they are simple street magicians hoping to fool another mark and cash another check.

    So now, to hear Facebook officials complain that they were tricked or victimized by Cambridge Analytica is rich. It was Facebook’s responsibility—by law—to prevent application developers from doing just what Kogan and Cambridge Analytica did. Facebook failed us, and not for the first time.

    While focused on Cambridge Analytica’s psychometric snake oil and on its ties to Russia and to Trump, we are missing the real story: This massive data exporting was Facebook policy and practice from 2010 to 2015. The problem with Facebook is Facebook.


    skype is doing it's job just as well.
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    This is one main reason why I don't use any social media.
    Also, studies have proven recently that people who use it frequently are more unhappy and depressed than the ones who don't.

    We should focus on our real life relationships first.
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