Sh Asrar and Abu Layth on Nuzul of Jesus alayhi's salam

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    Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmed Raza, the Reviver of Islam of the 14th century, continues to protect the faith of Muslims even 100 years after his demise.

    He has tackled this very issue, as a response to the claims by Qadiyanis regarding the "death" of Syeduna Eisa (alayhe Salaam) and his descent at the end of times, in his fatwa entitled: Al-Jurāz ad-Dayyānī ála’l Murtadd al-Qādiyānī

    A short snippet from the opener provides what Muslims should believe in:-




    Qadiyani is a rejecter of the necessary rules of faith [an apostate] due to hundreds of reasons; and his followers start discussions regarding the life and death of Syeduna Eisa (the blessings and peace from Allah, be upon our prophet and him) - [that is] a secondary matter [of faith] - which even among the [true] Muslims, is a matter not fully agreed upon, and whose acceptance or rejection is NOT disbelief, in fact not even heresy; [in benefit # 4, it will be evidenced that the descent of Hazrat Eisa - alayhe Salaam - [at the end of times] is a belief agreed upon by consensus, among the ahleSunnah].

    He then goes on to decimate the concept that if Syeduna Eisa has presumably "tasted death" he would not be able to return to earth. He explains (among other proofs) that [as per consensus] the prophets are alive, even after tasting death, and there is nothing that can prevent his return to earth!

    The book is available here:-
    Al-Jurāz ad-Dayyānī ála’l Murtadd al-Qādiyānī
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    Shaykh Asrar did the right thing; donkeys need to be exposed, and the common men be warned against them.
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    As Salāmu Àlaykum,

    I noticed in the video Shaykh Asrar said he did not consider this heresy espoused by Abu Layth to be kufr but rather bidah. As far as I know, rejecting a Mutawwatir Hadīth is kufr.

    Can you please elaborate?
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    among works dedicated to the subject are

    shaykh abdullah al-ghumari's: iqamatu'l burhan - download here.

    he lists 60 hadith in this work from 28 companions, with brief exposition of each hadith.
    burhanghumari, p67.png

    and hujjatu'l islam shaykh hamid rida al-baraylawi in his work (which predates shaykh ghumari's by many years; this work is 1315 AH) in which he has listed 43 hadith to prove the nuzul of sayyiduna yisa alayhi's salam.

    please do read shaykh gibrils note on ghumari school.

    imam jalaluddin suyuti's work on this: nuzul of hazrat yisa alayhi's salam, mostly answering objections on the implications of nuzul. download here.

    Allah ta'ala knows best.
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    shaykh asrar should not waste his time with such punks. abu-lies is an outright jahil - he lies and bwahahahahahaha bellows like a donkey. what can one discuss with such a punk?


    sometime ago the punk (and i will keep calling him a punk as long as he dresses and acts like a punk) rejected a hadith because he thought a part of it was 'problematic'. when i showed that the very part he claimed is not even authentic was found in bukhari.

    looks like they have silently removed that video.

    now he says that 'nuzul of yisa alayhi's salam' was a christian belief that crept into islam. and the jahil doesn't know that there are 60 plus hadith - including many from saHiHayn that clearly say that hazrat yisa alayhi's salam will descend.

    brother umar posted below an english translation of hujjatu'l islam shaykh hamid rida khan al-baraylawi's monograph "sarim al-rabbani" (attached in this post) which discusses this issue in detail.

    common books of aqidah that mention nuzul of sayyiduna yisa alayhi's salam in the final times are:

    1. fiqh al-akbar and its shuruh

    2. bad'a al-amali and its many shuruh - daw al-ma'ali, tuhfat al-la'ali, daraj,

    3. jawharah and its many commentaries including the author's own

    4. tahawiyyah and its many commentaries

    5. aqidah nasafiyah, its sharh by taftazani and supercommentaries by khayali, mulla ramadan, isfarayni, (and nibras by shaykh abdul aziz farhari)

    6. sharh al-kharidah by the author himself, shaykh dardir

    as shaykh kawthari in his maqalat and shaykh buti in his kubra indicate, this idea of rejection of nuzul of hazrat yisa alayhi's salam on earth in the final days, is a core belief of qadiyanis. their religion is built on the rejection of hazrat yisa alayhi's salam's descending to earth and anyone who supports this view in our time, is explicitly supporting the qadiyani religion.

    hence the response and reaction of sunni ulama, and i suppose this is why shaykh asrar wants to put an end to this befuddling by shady characters, lest ignorant awam may lose their iman.

    nas'alu Allaha al-aafiyah.

    apparently, this was one of the (many) heresies of the freemason abduh, and followed by some egyptian scholars such as shaltut, who promoted and defended this heretical idea that rejects the nuzul of sayyiduna yisa alayhi's salam. the late shaykh buti in his kubra al-yaqiniyyat mentions this (p327-328)
    kubra, p327.png

    shaykh buti in a footnote, also mentions that in his last days shaykh shaltut was paralysed and confined to his home; in these days he had all his writings on this subject burned; and that he did tawbah from such heresy. (kubra, p331)

    kubra, p331.png

    imam al-kawthari mentioned this new heresy by modernist azharis: (maqalat, p.261)

    maqalat, p261.png

    shaykh buti mentions in kubra that the hadith of nuzul of hazrat yisa alayhi's salam are mutawatirah.

    kubra, p327a.png

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  7. Ibn Hadi

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    I have watched them discuss for 2 hours. The "Mufti" Abu Layth (real name Nahiem Ajmal, who spent several years in Binori Town under influence of Deobandis, and spent a few months in prison in the UK in 2015) was a being a complete ignoramus. He refused to discuss what was agreed upon.

    They were supposed to set out the conditions of the debate. Abu Layth tried to debate the issue without setting the conditions. He refused to discuss why he disregards Ijmah as a source of Islamic knowledge. And all he kept saying was that the return of Prophet Isa and him establishing world peace somehow "lowers the level of Prophet Muhammad".

    He didn't know basic terminology nor was he interested in telling the audience what his Usul is. Shaykh Asrar cornered him several times.

    Personally I feel Shaykh Asrar should not waste his time dealing with such ignorant people. Nahiem Ajmal only cares about money and tries to act cool so he can gain a following. He has no real knowledge of Islam and misquotes scholars so often it is ridiculous. He talked about how it was in his nature to joke around, and he showed no adab whatsoever when discussing tenets of faith. This man was clearly there just to cause a scene. He refused to participate in an actual proper debate.
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    Walaykum salam, this should have the answer to your question inshaAllah.

    The Sword of The Almighty upon The Deviance of The Qadiani

    This Book is written by Huzoor Hujjatul Islam Allama Haamid Raza Khan Alaihir Rahma and is a refutation of the corrupt Qadiani Belief about Hazrat Esa Alaihis Salaam...

    CHISHTI Well-Known Member

    Salaam all

    May Allah Ta'ala preserve Shaykh Asrar and empower him with even more knowledge so he can continue to defend Ahlus Sunnah....could any of the scholarly brothers on here elaborate on the descent of Hazrat Esa Aleyhis Salaam and just how important it is that this belief is defended. Is it a matter of iman/kufr?...has it been the subject of difference of opinion amongst the ulema of Ahlus Sunnah etc
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    Announcement: Tune in this Saturday (3rd March 2018) at 9pm onto this facebook page for the following: Pre Debate conditions between Asrar Rashid and Abu Layth on the topic of the descent of Isa/Jesus (peace be upon him) at the end times.

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