Sharhs of Dalail al-Khayraat

Discussion in 'Adhkar' started by Unbeknown, Feb 19, 2013.

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    can anyone post a link to a good recitation of Dalail shareef apart from those of Ishaq Danis and Ismail Giles?

    jazakAllah. Wassalaam.
  5. Ridwi

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    yes they did translate it

    majmua al-wazaif wa dalail ul khayraat

    but i don't believe there is a sharh, it has also been translated by the Ulama in Golra Sharif
  6. Aqdas

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    a brother told me pir karam shah al-azhari translated the dalayil but not sure if it has a sharh.
  7. Ridwi

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    I have read that Imam Yusuf al-Nabhani rahimullah wrote an exegesis on Dalail al-Khayraat titled, 'Afdal al-Salawat' and Sheikh 'Abd al-Majid al-Sharnubi al-Azhari also authored a sharh, 'Sharh Dala'il Khayraat'

    any clue as to whether they are available to purchase.
  8. Ridwi

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    asalamu alaykum

    i was wondering whether someone can inform me of the sharhs of dalail al-khayraat sharif available to purchase today

    i have two sharhs:

    mutaale al-musar'rat by imam muhammad mehdi al-fasi
    translated by allamah mawlana abdul hakim sharf al-qadri rehmatullah alayh

    maj'ma al-barkaat sharh dalail al-khayraat by shaykh al-hadith allamah mufti muhammad faiz ahmad al-owaysi madda zilla hul aali

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