Shaykh 'Abd al-RaHman al-Shaghouri on our Deen

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    Assalamu 'alaykum bros and sis', rabi' al-noor mubarak to everybody, I have some brief quotes that are very dear to me, so would like to share with you

    Shaykh 'Abd al-RaHman al-Shaghouri raDiAllahu 'anhu made it clear to all Sunnis who came to him in Syria, that 'we take our Deen from the Imams of this Deen'. I believe in aH's constant reminding, constant emphasis to keep fast to the rope of our elders, the blessed Aimmah, who are vast in number. RasulAllah salAllaho 'alayhi wa alihi wa salam made du'a for Bilad al-Sham. In Syria, the advice of ALL scholars, young and old, is that 'we take our Deen from the Imams of this Deen'. Shaykh 'Abd al-RaHman al-Shaghouri raDiAllahu anhu made it clear too that the Imams of this Deen are the authorities in this Deen in their respective sciences. Every inch of the works of Imam Ahmad RiDa Khan raDyAllahu anhu is filled with the words of the Imams of this Deen. Pages upon pages filled with references to their thousands of works, their sayings, their wisdoms, their anecdotes, their seerahs; as if this ocean of knowledge is summarized into the blessed Imam's works to give us our Deen Islam. This evidence is enough for any doubtful Sunni to submit.

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