Shaykh Akhtar: The grandson of Shaykh Ahmad Raza Khan

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    AlHamdulillãh I have had the fortune to see and greet hazrat several times when I was on Hajj and he was also present.

    I went to see him in his room and he was gracious and kind to not only let me in but made me sit and asked a brother who was around to offer me slices of apples that were brought for him and made dua. As a coincidence on one of those days in madina munawwarah I saw and greeted him and remained with him as he sat close to the mawaja sharif and said his salams thereafter, and requested for duas as he stood before the green dome. AlHamdulillãh.

    AlHamdulillãh as others might have experienced at Hajj, it is a place where commoners like me, as part of the blessings of the haramayn sharifain, get to see the muqarrabin, the ulema and the awlia, sometimes unknown people with lightsome faces who suddenly show affection and do dua for you , making you think of the workings of the world around you and thank Allah for your fortune and his nabiy sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for his hospitality. Alhamdulillah.
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    Once someone commented that, people say that the mureeds of hazrat flock to him only because hazrat is fair-skinned and has a beautiful countenance. Among those assembled was a mureed of hazrat - an unassuming youth with no more than a smattering of dunyawi education, who speaks a brogue-ish urdu and who drives people around to make a living. He replied, and mark the depth of his words:

    bhai, ham hazrat ka chehra dekh kar nahi unke qadam dekhkar mureed hue hain

    "brother, we did not become his mureeds for his (handsome) face but for his (steadfast) feet"


    beyond all stars, there is a heaven still
    beneath simple faces, there is discernment still

    ذَٰلِكَ فَضْلُ اللَّهِ يُؤْتِيهِ مَن يَشَاءُ ۚ وَاللَّهُ ذُو الْفَضْلِ الْعَظِيمِ
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    This is the same message ulama like mufti akhtar Raza sahib have been giving for decades!

    Alas! people had listened to them back then. don't get me wrong, many did. and today they are staunch Sunnis. but many didn't and look at the disaster today.

    Hazrat is very right. the biggest fitnah is sulh kullism - and we know perennialism is the bigger form of this.

    Sunnis gave platforms to people like Hamza Yusuf in the west because they like us, celebrated milad sharif. but these evil scholars, over decades, made their followers sulh kulli.

    These enemies of Allah ta'ala want to eradicate the differences between not just all sects, but all religions!

    Tahir ul is the same.

    The biggest responsibility upon ulama is to tackle the biggest fitnahs. it's fine for scholars to talk about social problems - that's good and much needed - but those are a'amaal. and aqidah comes first so they must tackle heresy too.

    Sunnis must stop giving platforms to evil scholars but who'll tell them who's evil or not? that's up to our scholars.

    E.g. Faraz Rabbani was due to speak at Ghamkol Sharif masjid recently. how can people even think they'll get away with inviting an enemy of Alahazrat to a Sunni masjid?

    It's because the inviters have realised, not many if any, will challenge us.
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    biHamdillah, yesterday hazrat had graced our city and his few lines long message was this (paraphrased):

    the message of this gathering is, and of every gathering that takes place should be, that keeping oneself from the company and friendship of the deviants is of utmost importance. And in this day and age, the most harmful of all deviance, even worse than wahhabism and devbandism, more dangerous than open kufr and irtidaad, is the fitnah of sulH kullism - the philosophy which seeks to blur the lines between ahlussunnah and mubtadis of all colors. There are various organizations working under different names and for a variety of ostensibly noble causes which are trying to equivocate the distinction between truth and falsehood. This is a futile attempt, for such a thing has never transpired in the past 14 centuries and will not occur until the day of Judgement. These people have bartered away their eemaan for this dunya. So beware lest they do the same to yours. The safest and surest path is the path of ahlussunnah, the path which, in our times, is recognized as the maslak of alahazrat ('alayhirrraHmah). Keep to it.
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    Nigah e Mufti e Ázam ki hai ye jalwa gari
    Ke chamak raha hai Akhtar hazar aankhon mein

    Yaad rakhna sunke hamse midhat e Haidar Hasan*
    Phir na kahna Akhtar e Haidar numa milta nahi

    *Sayyid Haidar Hasan, so far as I know, is the father of Sayyid Ameen Miyan and is referred to as 'Ahsan-ul-Ulama'. It was him and the other sadaatas of marehra who first gave the clarion call for 'Maslak-e-AlaHazrat'. Please correct me if I am wrong.
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    "A person who never once mentioned alahazrat in his entire life but was on the correct aqidah belongs to the maslak of alahazrat" - sayyidi taj al-shari'ah, 1987 speech.
  9. Sayyidi wa Murshidi wa Shaykhi Muhaddith Kabeer 'Allamah Zia ul Mustafa al Qadri al A'azami hafizahullahu Ta'ala, Pasbaan e Maslak e Raza 'Allamah Mufti Abu Dawood Muhammad Sadiq Qadri Rizvi hafizahullahu Ta'ala and the thousands of other sahih ul 'Aqeedah and sahih ul 'amal 'Ulamaa Kiraam of Islam Ahl us Sunnah hafizahumullahu Ta'ala aameen.
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    may Allah preserve all the ulema e haqq - aameen.
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    yes inshaAllah, and there would be many others who we know or don't know, not only in the sub-continent but in the entire muslim world. it was not to belittle other shuyukh hafizahumullahu ta'ala.
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    And Muhaddith e Kabeer, Allamah Zia ul Mustafa Amjadi (damat barakatuh al-Aaliyah)
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    May Allah subhanu wa ta'ala protect him, and benefit all ahlussunah from his ilm and ruhani fuyuzmo barakāt. He is a living example who strictly abides by the shariy'ah.
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    from this thread.

    hazrat has the support of his blessed forefathers and that suffices him.

    otherwise, numbers would fail one if he tried counting the people who revile him due his uncompromising adherence to the letter and spirit of the shariah!
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    from facebook:

    the subcontinent scholars are perhaps the most vocal critics of the wahhabiya in the whole world (due to a host of reasons). and all of it goes back to the land of braielly, to the family which this individual belongs to. This family has been a nemesis for the wahhabis for over two centuries. Indeed, the very name of the city where it hails from has now become a synonym of sorts for the ahlussunnah in the subcon!

    Yet, the thuggish saudi dictators cannot prevent the proud son of the house of alahadhrat from visiting the place of which they are the so called 'custodians'. This is as was foretold by RasulAllah (peace be upon him),

    " A group from my ummah shall always remain on haqq until the day of Judgement and it's opponents will not be able to harm it ".

    'Qiyamat tak rahe bekhauf banda Gauth-e-Azam ka'!
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  17. Assalaamu 'Alaykum

    I think yes, (To brother Qaasim)
  18. You mean great grandson
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    I found this on a blog by a student of Shaykh Sayyid Muhammad al-Youcoubi (may Allah preserve him and protect him). From my understanding he is from Mauritania and studying in Damascus. He writes of his meeting with Sayyidi Taajush Shari'ah in Damascus.


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