Shaykh Asrar is Pir Saqib Student?

Discussion in 'Tarikh' started by Ethical_Barelvi, Mar 5, 2015.

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  1. Paradise Seeker

    Paradise Seeker Active Member

    is this a joke!?
  2. Abu Aleshba

    Abu Aleshba Active Member


    Dadyal (Shareef) Zindabaad!
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  3. Sacred

    Sacred Active Member

    Asalam alaykum

    I have just seen a photo of Shaykh Asrar, Yaseen and few others in their dastarbandi

    It says they are graduates of Pir Saqib Shaami institute and he taught them

    Is this true? if so pir saab has done a great job producing shaykh asrar
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