Shaykh Yaqoubi's Khalifa supports Kadhabiyya

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  1. Abdullah Ahmed

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    *و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته

    no problem
  2. Raza Khan

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    Thank you brother Abdullah. I will read the links that you have provided.
  3. Abdullah Ahmed

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  4. Abdullah Ahmed

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  5. Raza Khan

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    Salaam brother Abdullah Ahmed. Where can I find this information about Shaykh Yaqoubi and the Deobandis? I just read this message and will check sunniport for this information. If you have more information please provide me with some links.

    Just wanted to mention I respect and honour Syeds as all real Muslims do. When I meet them it makes me happy. If they compliment me i feel blessed and it makes me even more happy.

    Here is a video of Shaykh Yaqoubi praising Hazrat Imam Shah Ahmed Raza Khan (RA). He mentions that he considers Ala Hazrat as the Mujaddid. Is it possible that he can support Deobandis? Please enlighten me.

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  6. Abdullah Ahmed

    Abdullah Ahmed Active Member

    He "blessed" you with a compliment? And that made you happy?
    Has he responded to the questions the ulema have posed to him regarding his support for the deobandis?
    Im not shocked if one of his mureeds/khalifs behave outlandishly. Im curious to know what his own positions are.
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  7. Raza Khan

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    Alhamdulillah, I was able to interact with Hazrat Shaykh Yaqoubi yesterday. During our brief interaction he blessed me with a compliment. He made me very happy.
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  8. Raza Khan

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    Seeing the posts below the readers of Sunniport can gain an understanding as to what type of Murshid/Imam/Scholar Shaykh Faisal Abdur Razak really is.

    • He has overruled his Murshid Hazrat Shaykh Yaqoubi regarding Virtual Jamaat.
    • He has attributed doubt and disbelief to the Holy Prophet (SAW). The Messenger of Allah (SAW) is Noor (Light). Shaykh Faisal has attributed darkness to this Noor (SAW). Our Nabi (SAW) is perfection. Shaykh Faisal has attributed imperfection to out Nabi (SAW). The real darkness is in Shaykh Faisal for saying his lies against our Nabi (SAW).
    • Lastly Shaykh Faisal has tried to overrule Allah's (SWT) orders. He has introduced a bidat-e-siyah of a Multinational Virtual Juma Salah, that he leads from the Toronto area. It is one thing for Shaykh Faisal to ask his local community to join him in Virtual Jamaat. It is another thing for him to ask people from all of North America, South America, Europe or other places to follow him. They live in different time zones. Seems Shaykh Faisal has tried to overrule Surah Nisa:Verse 103 - And when you have completed the prayer, remember Allah standing, sitting, or [lying] on your sides. But when you become secure, re-establish [regular] prayer. Indeed, prayer has been decreed upon the believers a decree of specified times.

    This verse of the Holy Quran reminds me of Shaykh Faisal...

    Al-Jathiya: verse 23: See you then, he who has made his desire to be his God and Allah led him astray despite his knowledge and set a seal upon his ears and his heart and laid a covering on his eyes. Who would guide him after Allah. Do you not then heed?

    Also brothers and sisters please note, that as I assumed that Shaykh Faisal would do. He or his team, has had his video in post #41 edited. The video length has been cut down to 3hr:03min:06sec, from 4hr:18min:04sec. Now why would he do that if he didn't say anything wrong and he didn't have anything to hide? Is this what a real Wali Allah or a Murshid would do? Would a real Wali or Murshid say the things Shaykh Faisal has said? The answer is absolutely not.

    Shaykh Faisal you have to retract your wrong statements, and you have to correct your wrong actions. You have to apologize to the Muslims, especially your innocent followers for what you have done and said. Your falsehoods were broadcast online and Insha Allah your apology will be broadcast online.

    Finally, the slaves of Hazrat Imam Shah Ahmed Raza Khan Brelvi (RA), will always be there to correct what needs correcting, or expose what needs exposing. The Noor of my Ala Hazrat (RA) will always be there to expose kufr and deviancy.
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  9. Raza Khan

    Raza Khan New Member

    Shaykh Faisal still promoting his Virtual (satanic inspired) Bida...

    I hope Shaykh's mureeds realize that their "murshid" is playing games with one of the pillars of Islam.

    Sunan Abu Dawud:
    666. 'Abdullah bin 'Umar reported — that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: "Perfect (straighten) the rows, and stand shoulder to shoulder, and leave no gaps, and be gentle with the hands of your brothers, and do not leave gaps for shaitaan. Whoever connects a row, Allah will connect him (with His Mercy), and whoever severs a row, Allah will sever (His Mercy) from him." (Hasan)

    Below is Shaykh Faisal's video from yesterday in which he still encourages Virtual Jamaat.

    I wonder:
    • Is Shaykh Faisal keeping the rows together or leaving gaps for shaitaan?
    • Is Shaykh Faisal following the evil whispers of shaitaan by leaving gaps between the rows?
    • In regards to Virtual Jamaat, is Shaykh Faisal following the instructions of his Murshid Shaykh Yaqoubi or is he being obedient to shaitaan the accursed?
    • Will Allah (SWT) sever His Mercy from Shaykh Faisal? If Allah (SWT) cuts His Mercy from Shaykh Faisal, it is obvious then that Shaykh will then be cut off from Shaykh Yaqoubi. After all a real Murshid is from the Mercy of Allah (SWT).

    Watch video from 2hr:28min:48sec:

    Also please watch this video of Shaykh Yaqoubi regarding Jumuah at home (seems like he is addressing the disobedient satanic inspired Shaykh Faisal):

    Shaykh Faisal and his mureeds should listen to Shaykh Yaqoubi when he says at "You pray Zuhr at home you don't pray Jumuah at home."
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  10. Raza Khan

    Raza Khan New Member

    Just found Shaykh Faisal's lecture on This is the lecture in which post #38 below refers to:
    Go to 1hr:44min:45sec of the audio podcast to hear Shaykh Faisal's false accusations of doubt and disbelief, against the Prophet (SAW).

    Please if you can. Send this link to Ulema and request them to refute this Shaykh. I just found this site and I'm not sure if
    the podcast is available for download. If it is, then please download the podcast to keep it safe for future reference. It's possible that Shaykh's multimedia team might read this post and delete the entire podcast.
  11. Raza Khan

    Raza Khan New Member

    Shaykh Faisal's Virtual Jamaat continued...

    I had to share this video of Shaykh Faisal's TV Show, Message of Mercy, which gets aired on Canadian Television. He speaks about his bida of Multinational Virtual Juma Salah. Start watching this video from 13min:10sec.

    Please, please, please... if any of you brothers and sisters can talk to Ulema about these matters related to Shaykh Faisal, please do so. He needs to be refuted for what he is doing. The problems he is creating need to be cut off at the root. I would suggest sending the Ulema a link to this forum so they can see the information. I am contacting Ulema as well, and am hopeful for their reply.

    Also remember this is the same Shaykh who attributed doubt and disbelief to the Prophet (SAW). I had provided a link to the video in which he made these wrong statements in post #38 below. Shaykh's multimedia team has now had this video removed from dailymotion's website citing copyright violations.

    I am certain that some users of sunniport have seen the now deleted video and can attest to the truthfulness of the information in this next video link, which are Shaykh Faisal's words transcribed.

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  12. Raza Khan

    Raza Khan New Member

    Analysis of Shaykh Faisal's invitation to a multinational Virtual Juma Salah: see post #42 below

    Surah Nisa:Verse 103

    And when you have completed the prayer, remember Allah standing, sitting, or [lying] on your sides. But when you become secure, re-establish [regular] prayer. Indeed, prayer has been decreed upon the believers a decree of specified times.

    Perhaps Shaykh Faisal has forgotten this verse of the Holy Quran.

    Shaykh Faisal invited people from different time zones to his Virtual Juma. Shaykh Faisal delivers his khutba from the Toronto Area in Canada.

    Let's see... Shaykh Faisal has invited Muslims from Europe to pray with him. Ireland, a western European country is closer to Canada than other European countries. When it's time for Shaykh to deliver his Juma Khutba it is 1:30 PM in the Toronto area, and the time is 6:30 PM in Ireland. A five hour difference in time zones. At 6:30 PM it's time for Asr prayers in Ireland. Other European countries will already be in the time of Asr, and other nations will be in the time of Maghrib prayers when Shaykh Faisal is delivering his Juma Khutba. [Also note that when Maghrib starts, a new day has started in Islam, and it will not be the day of Juma (Friday) anymore.]

    Shaykh invited the people of Vancouver Canada, and the people of the state of California, USA to pray with him. That is a 3 hour time difference from the Toronto area. So that means if I am in Vancouver or in California it is 10:30 AM. It will morning for me when Shaykh Faisal will be delivering his Khutba in the Toronto Area. So as per the Shaykh, I can pray Juma before it's even time for Juma prayers in Vancouver or California.

    Shaykh Faisal's invitation to Virtual Prayers is wrong in the first place (see Shaykh Ya'qoubi's video in post #41 below on Virtual Jamaat), but to include other cities, nations, and regions in other times zones in his Virtual Juma Jamaat is completely wrong.

    May Allah guides us all Ameen.
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  13. Raza Khan

    Raza Khan New Member



    Shaykh Faisal invites muslims from his city the Toronto area, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver (in other words all of Canada), New York, New Jersey, Atanta, Florida, Chicago, California (in other words all of the United States of America), the Caribbean, all of South America, all of Europe, and many other places can join him to pray Juma Virtually and pray behind him.

    He should just be straight forward and say, "I have given the whole planet permission to pray Virtual Juma behind me."

    Dear brothers and sisters it might seem like I'm making this up. It might seem like some kind of a sick joke. But it's not. You can see Shaykh Faisal's invitation to Muslims all over the world to pray behind him in Virtual Juma.

    Please Muslims, you should start warning others about this deviant Shaykh and his bida.

    Start watching this video at 2hr:20min. (Watch the video before Shaykh has it edited or deleted)

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  14. Raza Khan

    Raza Khan New Member

    Shaykh Faisal has had his team remove the videos posted below from Here you can see Shaykh Faisal's Bida of Virtual Salah,
    from his own youtube channel. Shaykh Faisal seems to be acting on the suggestions of Javed Ghamidi that virtual jamaat is allowed to be performed (search youtube).

    In his video titled "Eid-ul-Adha 2020 Livestream - Toronto, Canada - 10 Day of Dhul Hijjah", Shaykh mentions that you can virtually join him in Salah from your homes. He mentions that many muslims from different countries and cities throughout the world are praying eid with his congregation. I wonder if some of those people are from Mecca?

    Please go to 1hr:28min, 2hr:50min, and 3hr:54min to see Shaykh Faisal's statements on virtual jamaat. Total video length is 4hr:18min:04sec. It is possible that they will delete or edit the video so you can't see these statements. See video:

    Also see the video of Hazrat Shaykh Ya'qoubi, in which Shaykh Ya'qoubi states that virtual jamaat is NOT VALID in any of the four schools of thought in Sunni Islam. Shaykh Ya'qoubi is the Murshid (spiritual guide) of Shaykh Faisal. Shaykh Faisal is violating the ruling of his Murshid Shaykh Ya'qoubi, when he allows virtual jamaat. To see link of Shaykh Ya'qoubi's video click here:

    I wonder if Shaykh Faisal will try to have Hazrat Shaykh Ya'qoubi's video removed from youtube?
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  15. Raza Khan

    Raza Khan New Member

    I hope some scholars will refute the Shaykh Faisal for the two videos that I have posted.
  16. Raza Khan

    Raza Khan New Member

    Shaykh Faisal's Bida of Virtual Salah.
  17. Raza Khan

    Raza Khan New Member

    Don't know if this is the proper place to post this...

    Shaykh Faisal's incorrect statements about the Prophet (SAW):
  18. Abu al-Qasim

    Abu al-Qasim Active Member

    The claimant says:
    “Here you are sending la'n upon scholars but in your last post you have completely changed your tone. What is the foundation of your cursing Shaykh Faisal (and yes your words inferred la’n upon him also)? If you follow the way of Sayyidi Imam Ahmad Rida Khan then read Fatawa Ridawiyyaa, Volume 10, Pages 193-194 and you will learn that it is not permissible in the Shari'ah to attribute even fisq let alone bid'ah and kufr to a Muslim without investigation. So what investigation have you conducted into Shaykh Faisal's affairs with these people? Is merely praising a deviant a sign of misguidance and deviancy? Could it not be that the Shaykh is unaware of their deviancy?”

    Response: It seems you are unaware that after investigation, fisq and bida` has been attributed to Faisal Abd al-Razzaq who openly declared his dislike for the followers of the Manhaj of Imam Ahmad Rida. Faisal is fully aware of the deviations of the Deobandiyya and yet continues to openly associate with them and their followers. He has sat numerous times with Faraz Rabbani and the others. How is it that one could sit for so long with such people and yet not be aware? His teacher, Muhammad al-Yaq`ubi, has been informed numerous times yet continues to sit with them. Faisal was informed of Faraz’s deviations otherwise he would not have expressed his hatred towards the followers of al Imam Ahmad Rida rahimahullah

    The claimant says:

    “Whatever your manhaj is (and it doesn't seem to be the Noble Manhaj of Imam Ahmad Rida Khan) you should be consistent in it: Shaykh 'Alawi al-Maliki makes tarahhum upon ibn Abd al Wahhab in his famous work Mafahimu Yajibu an Tusahhaha. “

    Response: Are you that desperate that you will use the words of Shaykh Muhammad Alawi al-Maliki who was under duress as an attempt to defend your Shaykh who sits with Deobandis and Kellerites and calls for unity with them? W

    The claimant states:
    “In addition, Shaykh Muhammad Zahid al-Kawthari, in his work Maqalat al-Kawthari, refers to Ashraf Ali al-Tahanwi as )titles removed). He also calls him the author of numerous works, which reach about 500 in number. Imam al-Kawthari then goes onto praise al-Tahanwi’s works ‘Ihya al-Sunan’ and ‘Jami’ al-Athar, ’(pg. 68 of the Cairo edition). He also praises Shabir Ahmad 'Uthmani (one of the main students of al-Tahanwi) and refers to Dar al-Ulum Deoband as the (name removed), (pgs. 74, 75).”

    Response: Shaykh Muhammad Zahid al-Kawthari was neither aware of Urdu nor was he aware of any of the deviations of the Deobandiyya nor did he sit with them long enough to know of any of this.
    The claimant states: “Furthermore, Peer Mahr Ali Shah says regarding Ismail Ali Dehlawi: ‘Shakkar Allahu sa’yahu’ ‘May Allah Reward his efforts.’ (Malfoozat Mahria).”
    Subhan Allah, hadha buhtan al-adhim! Sayyidi Pir Mehr Ali Shah did not praise Isma`il Dihlawi’s beliefs in any way but this quote is taken out of context as are most of these other quotes. The original quote is not a praise of any sort and the original quote is as follows:

    ا س مقام پر امكان يا امتناع نظير آنحضرت صلى اللّه عليه وسلم كے متعلق مافى الضمير ظاهر كرنا مقصود هےنه تصويب يا تظليظ كسى كى فرقتين اسماعيليه وخيرآباديه سےـ شكراللّه تعالى سعيهم ـ راقم سطور دونوں كوماجور ومثاب جانتا هے ـ
    Note, it is not sa`yahu but sa`yihim, thus this claimant has misquoted. Note the other `ibarah in I`yla Kalimatullah clarifies that Pir Sayyid Mehr Ali Shah Sahib saw Isma`il Dihlawi as nothing other than someone who does tahrif in the din as Sayyidi Pir Mehr Ali Shah writes about Isma`il Dehlwi:

    الحاصل مابین اصنام وارواح کمل فرقیست بین وامتیاز یست باہر پس آیات واردہ فی حق الصنام رابر انبیاء واولیاء صلوات الله وسلامہ علیہم اجمعین حمل نمودن کما فی تقویتہ الایمان تحریفی است قبیح وتخریبی است شنیع
    Concludingly, the difference between idols and the souls of the ‘kamilīn’ (the perfected ones) is clear and the distinction between them is overwhelming. So the Ayāt that are regarding the idols, to fit those on the Anbiyaa and Awliya {blessings of Allah and salutations on all of them}, like in Taqwiyyat-ul-Imān, is an ugly distortion (falsification) and a very evil destruction (of the Dīn)
    (I`yla Kalimatullah pg. 113)
    The claimant says
    “There are many more quotes which can be presented but I’m sure you will understand the purpose of this brief post; Sunni ‘Ulama have praised innovators but for many reasons such as political reasons which determine their safety, and this is allowed in the Shari’a. Others have praised them due to being unaware of the deviancy of those whom they praise: this appears to be the case of al-Kawthari. Nonetheless, we have a good opinion of these scholars and justify their words so why have a double standard when it comes to other scholars such as Shaykh Faisal? If you intend on maligning Shaykh Faisal then consistency would be that you curse al-Kawthari and al-Maliki also”


    We have already given response to your claims! Imam al-Kawthari was unaware of Deobandi deviations and never sat with them for a long period and Shaykh Muhammad Alawi al-Maliki was under duress.

    The claimant says “It is clearer than the morning sun that you intend on causing fitnah amongst Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jama’ah.”
    Response: The claim of the claimant goes back on him/her him/herself
    The claimant says:
    “I would suggest you read al-Fatawa al-Ridawiyya al-Sharif, Vol. 10, page 729 (Risala Anwar al-Bisharah fi Masa’il al-Hajj wa al-Ziyarah), where Sayyidi Imam Ahmad Rida Khan states regarding the etiquettes of visiting scholars: If you find anything he [the scholar] says to be against the Shari’a, in your opinion, then do no object to it but maintain a good opinion. However, this is only for Sunni scholars. As for the innovators, run away from them.”
    I suggest you stop misusing the Imam’s fatawa in order to benefit yourself. The Imam in Fatawa al-Haramayn was very clear on the hukm on sitting with people of deviation and wanting to unite with them

    The claimant says:

    “By attacking the scholars you are transgressing the boundaries of the Shari’a. As the previous posts have explained, you and I cannot comment on the doings of the scholars. According to your logic, you are helping these naive Sunnis by transgressing the boundaries of Islam yourself.

    O Ye who believe! Be concerned with yourselves. He who is misguided will not harm you when you are upon guidance. (al-Qur'an al-Karim 5:105) Sayyidi Imam Ahmad Rida Khan says: Indulging in haram in order to save another from haram, whilst placing him [the other] in haram is hardly the doing of intellectual and wise people (al-Fatawa al-Ridawiyya al-Sharif, Vol. 25, page 208)”

    Since Faisal knows of Faraz’s deviations and yet he still associates and praises him, how would it be haram to warn others of Faisal’s deviations?

    The claimant says: “Control the filth which exits your mouth for you are tarnishing the image of Sayyidi Imam Ahmad Rida Khan. Hows Sharh Mia Amil going?”
    Response: Control what nonsense you utter lest the sky falls on you.

    And Allah knows best
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    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    my apologies. wasn't trying to be smart. before too some brothers addressed her/(him?) as sidi.
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    I know the meaning of the name it's just that I don't think it's a female. I think it's either adnaan raja or Yaseen. Cowards

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