shirk cannot be allowed for anyone

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    A’ala Hazrat wrote in his ‘Tamhid e Iman’(Definition of Faith)
  2. Shaykh Samir made a simillar point once, ma sha Allah!
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    from here.

    Whatever is specific to Allah and is Shirk for anyone other than Him; there is no difference in it whether someone is alive or dead, near or far, angel or human or anything else. Does the ability to make partners with Allah diminish only after death? Can making partners with Allah be allowed whilst someone is alive? This madness follows the Wahabis everywhere and in the attempt to support Tawhid, it has actually made them Mushriks.

    The Wahabis will label something Shirk and then differentiate between life and death and at other times between nearness and farness. This clearly means that these unique monotheists consider some creations to be partners of Allah because they affirm a quality for one creation and deem it Shirk for another. It is now clear that in Taqwiyat al-Iman, their Imam was actually talking about the Wahabis when he said:

    Most people are engrossed in Shirk and continue to claim to be Muslims.


    alaHazrat also mentions the same irrefutable point here.
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