Sikhs and Muslim Punjab

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    Deobandis accuse 'Ala HaDrat of being a British Agent because 'Ala HaDrat did not issue fatawa of Jihad against the British for the reason that they did not interfere with the practice of Islam by the Muslims.

    However, it is known as a fact that the Sikhs had planned to uproot Islam, the majority faith from Punjab, which was perhaps the third most important province in the Sub Continent.

    I have my own detailed statistics on Punjab's area and population today.

    The Sikhs plundered Muslims on three major occasions:

    1) Ranjit Singh the One eyed Cursed's reign
    2) 1857, the Sikhs plundered Delhi Sultanate (Delhi + Haryana + some areas of western Uttar Pradesh)
    3) 1947, by performing the killing of millions Muslims from Jammu to Bharatpur to Bikaner, though Hindu Dogras and JaTTs were heavily involved as well in Hindu areas (Rohtak, Hissar) [I have my own figure of the numbers martyred]

    The Sikhs, to me are responsible for the weakening of Islam in Punjab to such an extent that no one can calculate the exact. But for sure, Punjab would have been even higher in Muslim percentage of the population than Sindh.

    According to the British Govt, the Muslims were 56.5 % in Punjab and 72% in Sindh.

    I have my own reasons as to why Sikhs look feature-wise more similar to Muslims than to Hindus.

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