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  1. A_Wayfarer

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    “Last year, SKT Welfare was the victim of false allegations made by the charity’s ex patron, Sheikh Yaqoubi, which as many of you may know, have since been disproved by the UK Charity Commission following a seven-month review. The video, 'Unravelling the Truth,' brings to light the dark events of last year. Sadly, it was our beneficiaries who were deprived of much-needed aid during this time.”

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  2. Harris786

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    Mubarak to the brothers and sitis who are no longer apart of this joke of a group.

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  3. Harris786

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    Shaykha Safina has replaced Sidna Majid Butt as Trustee in last few days.

    Sayyidi should take note that there are only three trustees of Sacred Knowledge.

    Also Mudassar statement in favour of Sidna Majid Butt contradicted Sacred Knowledge statement in support of Sayyiduna.

    Sidi Majid Butts team should take all this on board in their report to the CC

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  4. Harris786

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    Signs of Ignorance - via Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi (Al-Fatwa wa al-Qada fi al-Islam, 1433 AH).

    The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu `alayhi wa sallam), warned against hastening to give a fatwa or rushing to give an answer: "The quickest of you in giving fatwa is the quickest one to enter the Fire," a famous hadith related by Al-Darimi.

    The Gnostic Ibn `Ata'illah as-Sikandari (rahimahullah) says in his Aphorisms: "When I see a person answering every question presented to him, speaking about all that he has witnessed and declaring all that he knows, I take these as proofs of his ignorance."
  6. Harris786

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    Sayidunna Shaykh need to focus on presenting evidence against SKT Charity, instead of emotionally blackmailing those who are asking questions about carrying them to Jannah.

    If murids have signed up to the cult in hope of a direct business class flight to Firdus it may be a good time to ask for a refund.

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    A statement for all those to pursue who have questioned SKT Welfare on their ethics and financial conduct.

    We work day and we work night to serve Humanity, not for any other reason but to please God. So that He may show us mercy for serving His creation. Allah knows the integrity of any and all charities, for sure there is so much to question and always improve on but we don't assassinate those who have dedicated their lives to work in this sector.

    For those who work sincerely and for His pleasure we don't seek glory in this world but the next.

    In the words of Ertugrul ~ "The battle is ours, the victory is Allah's!"

    - Shaykha Sadak Mirza
  8. Harris786

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    Allah willing, I will continue to endorse SKT Welfare UK as a reliable charity. Hitherto, nothing has been presented to suggest otherwise.

    In Islam, the onus of proof is upon the one who makes the claim/allegation, without such proof, people would audaciously claim the property and blood of others.

    ٍSayyiduna Abdullah Ibn Abbas [radiy'Allahu anh] narrates from the Messenger of Allah [sallAllahu alayhi wa salam] who said:

    'If people were given according to their claims, surely men would claim the wealth of others, and their blood. However, proof is required from the claimant, and an oath (is required) from the one who denies (the allegations)' - Narrated by Bayhaqi and others (Hasan).

    This is Islam. Islam is NOT pandering to the words of an individual who brings nothing to the table. I read one post which read: 'SKT will not take you to jannah, the Shaykh's guidance will!' I guess those of us who are not part of the clique are doomed! This is the cult mentality of some unfortunate souls. Guidance is from Allah, my friend, and 'Allah guides whom He wills'.

    Those who maligned the SKT Trustees not only ignored the fact that there is (currently) no proof whatsoever, they did not spare a thought for the families of these brothers and the consequence of their slanderous remarks! It's very easy to write a status and merrily carry on with your life, but the personal insults hurled at these brothers from so - called 'Sufis' has made their lives a living hell! If this is what it means to be part of a tariqa, then I do not wish to have anything to do with it.

    Allah is Al - Basir!
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    Harris when will you learn mate? I have to agree with Abu Hasan let's not make the forum in to facebook/twitter childrens playground. People need to start sharing some positives also.
  10. Juwayni

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    Until the accuser presents evidence, the accused benefit from a presumption of innocence notwithstanding the rumours of corruption over the years. Additionally, it is upon those who allege malicious conspiracy by the accuser to present their own evidence of it being the case. At this point, neither have been presented and all we have to (publicly) go by is an accusation has been made without evidence.

    What's been done seems to have lowered the reputation of the trustees in the eyes of the average person and unless there's proof to back it up, this seems defamatory.
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    As much as I dislike Harris. I have also heard of a sinister internal plot that has taken place which has framed Majid Butt.

    The Shaykh is apparently trying to cover up big plot and it has led to him attacking the trustees. I heard this directly from volunteers based in Yorkshire who are now ex murids because of the fiasco. The reason for the Shaykh Muhammad al Yaqoobi solidarity campaign is because they are hiding something major which involves a khalifa in Turkey. The trustees have become sacrificial lambs even though they have nothing to do with it.
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  12. abu Hasan

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    no. i don't even know who is majid. i don't know what this charity affair is. i don't know about shaykh yaqubi's involvement. and i do not want to get involved in this affair.

    give me a sound reason why *i* should and in what capacity i can 'side' with this br. majid.

    the beauty of a man's iman is that he does not meddle in issues that concern him not.

    wa billahi't tawfiq.
  13. Harris786

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    aH can you RT #solidaritywithsidimajid
  14. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    harris, listen to others. if you have a valid objection post it instead of making accusations under the cover of "it seems".

    i see a lot of things and 'feel' that the reason behind a certain thing is such and such. i am sure all of us go through this. but adults should stop, think and ask: 'can i validate such a claim?' 'is there evidence for my claim?' 'if the opponent asks, how can i give a convincing and logical answer?'

    one should not simply blurt whatever comes to mind like a 6-year old kid.

    how do you know? what is the proof? or what are the indications? did you seen any document or information being exchanged?

    we will preclude the possibility that you can read shaykh's heart; then, how did you arrive on the above opinion? what made you think that this is the case.

    did they tell you? or were you able to hack into their hearts and capture the traffic that allows you to analyse their thoughts and leads you to the conclusion?

    i am not a fan of these people, but we are trying to make this a fact-check forum and don't make it a facebook-twitter accusation fest.

    wa's salam.
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  15. alHussain

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    Harris I really wish you would take this advice on board. There are many people asking valid questions, but much of what you have stated is just speculation and random negative statements. You will be questioned about all of these comments (none of which have been productive in any way) and I fear for you that you will have difficulty explaining yourself. Forgive me if this comes across harsh.

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  16. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    the religion of the ahl al-bayt's great ancestor - the source of all light and nobleness and the reason the ahl al-bayt deserve to be respected is being attacked. down the ages, scholars from the ahl al-bayt have fearlessly defended the religion of their great-grandfather SallAllahu alayhi wa sallam. when the religion was attacked, they laid down their lives to protect and safeguard this religion. and many continue to fulfil this trust until this day. may Allah ta'ala keep us in the service of ahl al-bayt.

    yet there are some who are not fulfilling the trust for whatever reasons. our obligation and allegiance is, first and foremost to their noble grandfather SallAllahu alayhi wa sallam; and those who have strayed from his path will not be followed.

    perennialism is spreading and threatening to corrupt muslims in the west; the honour of RasulAllah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam is attacked by filthy disbelievers. if the members of the ahl al-bayt cannot stand against them (such as the slain rascals of charlie hebdo - may they be given their due punishment), they should get out of the way. in any case, we will never support or stand by those who defend or sympathise with the criminals of charlie hebdo. la'anatullahi alayhim.

    as for perennialism, we will refute the attack on the qur'an and those silver-tongued hypocrites who support it.

    the members of the ahl al-bayt should have been leading the charge (and many of them do, alHamdulillah) - and if they don't, we cannot shrug away OUR responsibility. we will do whatever little we can do. please don't resort to emotional blackmail.

    wa billahi't tawfiq.

    in tabyin kadhib al-muftari, ibn asakir mentions the following hadith in the preface:

    p: 37


    p: 38
    tabyin, p38a.png

    whoever conceals knowledge, Allah ta'ala will put him in reins of fire...

    nas'alu Allaha al-aafiyah.
  17. Harris786

    Harris786 Veteran

    Clarification from Sh Mudasser a student of Shaykh Muhammad Al Yaqoubi. For all those that were accusing of theft.

    “Lo! Those who love that slander should be spread concerning those who believe, theirs will be a painful punishment in the world and the hereafter. Allah Knows and you know not.”


    In a crisis people are revealed. We should look to our hearts and guard against slander. Guard against the judgement of others, for there is a Higher One dedicated to that.

    For those that go as far as to attack the Ahl ul Bayt; reign yourselves in for the sake of their Ancestor, upon whom be peace, and save yourselves from peril.

    Sayyudna Shaykh Muhammad Al Yakoubi taught us a fine lesson in a message that told people not to attack SKT trustees or employees.

    But let it also be clearly said that no one should dare attack the Shaykh or his family!

    I have known Sayyudna Shaykh and Sidi Majid Butt for many years. One as a supreme guide, the other as a sincere friend. The recent matter is about the direction and professional structure of SKT, not about the theft of money.

    I give my testimony before God to those who have said to me and to others that there has been theft:

    Sidi Majid and his colleagues have not stolen a single penny of charity.

    We turn our affairs to God and hope to be corrected swiftly so that we can rise to actually defend those that are being oppressed in Shaam and all corners of the world.

    Sh Mudasser Hussain

    Sayyidi is saying there is lack of accountability and Mudasser is saying above.

    It seems there has been a truce done under the counter
  18. Harris786

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    How times change ... from poems to power struggles.

    May Allah bless sidi Majid and reward him for all the beautiful work he is putting to support our golden way. He is s o dear to my heart and so will be people who love him.
    On 9 Nov 2014, at 05:33, Nur Aisha nur.aisha786@... [theShadhiliway] <theShadhiliway@...> wrote:

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    Dedicating to Sidi Majid Butt

    Sidi Majid is dear to me
    Dedicated his life to the one he sees while awake and in sleepless dreams.

    Time doesn't interfere with this work of his be it night or day Sidi Majid will rise subserviently.

    Through difficulties come ease as he blames himself for our disease, if only we could see the love he carries unconditionally.

    For him is a light unseen, appreciated in the ephemeral world for his service to humanity.

    Love is a cloak of his, mercy is a smile of his, honour and dignity is what he gives to you and me.
    Sidi Majid is dear to me

    Weaved of silk and diamonds, wrapped in emerald green, scented with the musk of Ahmed al Madani.
    Sidi Majid is dear to me.

    A true servent of Abul Huda al Yaqoubi. Peace and blessing be upon the chosen one praised in the heavens and earth we all desire to see.

    Sidi Majid is a light of his, so be kind to this soul who serves you so beautifully

    Sidi Majid is dear to you and me.

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  19. Harris786

    Harris786 Veteran

    As someone who has campaigned and raised for so many projects for Skt Welfare and also a lover of Shaykh Muhammad Al Yaqoubi these latest revelations have really been hard to digest.

    Firstly I’m not going to do what so many people have done and categorically denounce SKT just because Shaykh Muhammad has released this statement, especially given that Skt’s official response is contrary to the Shaykh’s.

    Surely evidences and accusations should be backed up so the public can be better informed and make a decision based on evidence rather than “Our shaykh has spoken so we don’t need no evidence” it’s shocking to see this mentality exists.

    It really is sad that a charity that I’ve put my heart and soul into has been dragged into the mud because I have seen the charity do some amazing things that benefitted and aided thousands upon thousands of people.

    A few points I wanted to raise were
    1) why are people accusing the trustees Majid Butt Asif Hussain and Zubair M Sharif of stealing and “eating” charity money. Where have you derived this from and please show proof of such accusations.

    2) Shaykh Muhammad was the patron of the charity and it is their responsibility to oversee and manage fundamentals of the charity. Why has it taken them years to do an audit and then say the charity has so many problems? Why was an audit not done in the last 7/8 years?
    If audits have been done in the past and they believe that these problems are recent’then can they clarify this so donors and volunteers can have that peace of mind to know for years SKT did great work helping beneficiaries.
    Also it would have helped if they released detailed findings of their investigation to help people be well informed on this matter.

    3) the amount of people who are enjoying this negative press and using it for their own personal reasons. Grow up and fear Allah. Don’t seek pleasure in the test of others as tomorrow may come where Allah may test you.

    My heart goes out to the huge amount of volunteers who have fundraised and worked tirelessly for so many causes. I pray Allah rewards you immensely.

    I await for a more detailed response from Skt before passing judgement but either way obvious to see there’s been some sort of power struggle and fall out. We pray the truth manifests and victory is with those who are truthful.

    May Allah side us with the truth and enable us to continue to serve His creation sincerely under whatever banner that may be and may we all stand with the oppressed and needy.

    - Sidi Kamran
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  20. Harris786

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    Why was Shaykh Muhammad Yaqoubi as 'Patron' of the charity doing a internal review of the charity?

    It is the job of the trustees and management to review a charity.

    It appears Sayyidi is passing himself of as a Trustee and knew about the internal affairs of the charity for a long time

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