SKT Charity Scandal.

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  1. Unbeknown

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    what is this and why should people accept this?

    Seems like all these brothers and sisters been made to believe that they have given a bayah of tarbiyyah and their shaykh is a shaykh e murabbih and the classical description of a mureed, quoted by many, including Imam Ghazzali, that:

    the murid shall hand himself over to his shaykh as a dead-body in the hands of the one who bathes him.

    applies to them.

    Sorry, but this is too much.

    Unless a person is known as a true wali of Allah ta'ala with at least a reasonable degree of probability I would not give that person such unlimited powers over myself.

    People bind themselves hand and feet and hand over the key to another fallible individual - then spend the rest of their lives cowering in fear and turning a blind eye to or rationalizing or defending the mistakes of this person.

    They also make themselves vulnerable to the tricks of their more cunning "siblings" - who know how to make business out of docile mureeds with distended pockets.

    These people make for excellent case studies for students of psycho-social behavior manipulation.

    I really feel for them.

    May Allah ta'ala open their eyes and turn them from the creation to Himself.

    With sincerity to Allah ta'ala and His Prophet (peace be upon him), placing HIS deen before individuals and peers, success is only a matter of time.

    in sha Allah wa bi tawfeeqih
  2. Harris786

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    a brother rightfully said Shaykh Sa'eed Ramadan al - Buti's dua against those who maligned him is in full effect.

    رحمه الله

    The cult is falling apart and will never be the same again - deep down when the shukr hats and eloquent hijabs come off individuals must critically question themselves why they left their charity with no evidence against it.
  3. Moriarty

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    As you all know I posted on the SKT internal scandal three years ago. Read the post below.

    There is much more information that I have since then. Of course the recent cult scandal gives more credibility to what I posted then.
    Now I have much more information regarding many goings on and the level of internal corruption.
    I will seek permission from a certain credible person before posting that info....
  4. Moriarty

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    After recent embezzlement rumours and the ostracizing of cult members, it has led to an internal dispute, Shaykh Muhammad Al Yaqoubi has sent out a message to all potential renegades.

    to the Shadhili way

    My dear sons and daughters,

    I start praising Allah, glory be to Him, and praying upon His Messenger, our Master, Muhammad, peace and belssings be upon him, and his pure Family and noble companions.

    I pray that with everyday passing of your life, you increase of uprightness, sincerity and good character.

    I just came across a sentence written by a brother complaining about some mishandling, saying that "Some brothers and sisters have also expressed their wish to leave tariqa due to experiencing similar behaviour".

    I would like to say in this regard that if you are in the tariqa for the sake of any brother or sister, please leave now. If you are in this tariqa for your sake and for your own spiritual survival then, you should think many times before making such statement.

    The spiritual bond in the triqa is not only between you and the shaykh, which you his son or daughter, but also between you and all other disciples, which make them all your siblings. So, threatening to leave Tariqa after being mistreated is threatening to disown your father because one of your siblings mistreated you.

    Tasawwuf and the Spiritual Way is based good character, on humbleness, on pardoning, on altruism, making no claim, on annihilation in the service to your brothers and sisters, on seeing yourself deserving every mistreatment, and on believing that any insult to you made by people is a warning to you from to turn to him. A sufi believes that every one else in this Tariqa, and every other Muslim is better than him before Allah.

    Sufis are known to forgive others when they insult them, are do not take revenge for themselves and see themselves deserving nothing.

    One can make such threats against his company at work, when mistreated, or against a school, or against a political party, but our tariqa is not a company, nor a school, nor a political party. If people joined our tariqa with any such understanding, they may leave immediately.

    You should read our Sufi Anthem again and again and try to understand the importance of being in the company of this wonderful brothers and sisters, which will continue until the Day of Resurrection.

    My dear sons and daughters, I would like you all to have patience and forbearance with each others, adab and respect with each other, forgiveness and pardoning and, above all, feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood, appreciating the bond which put you together for the sake of Allah.

    Mistakes may happen but I will not be easy on anyone who deliberately insults others and on anyone who tries to take revenge for himself.

    May Allah grant us all an increase of good character, and help us all forgive each others and find in everything bad that happens to us the wisdom behind it.

    The Servant of the Shadhili Way

    Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi

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