some questions for Consumer web portal for Muslim Men

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Inwardreflection, Jul 20, 2016.

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  1. When do we begin
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    i like it.

    all we now need a "sunniport approved" stamp, a certification fee (renewable every year) and additional plaque services (get your certificate in metal and wood plaque). then we can start a paid service (not much $5.99 annually) for muslims to login and check about status and histories of approved scholars. they can generate reports, statistics (how many tweets, speeches, protest messages) download photos - and we can then arrange for one-to-one meeting/dining with "approved scholars". and for the benefit of the general public we can also print "we love sunniport" bumper stickers and the rest of the merchandise.

    DISCLAIMER: don't take the above seriously. just kidding.
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  3. Salaam, please help answer these if your a male:

    1) Would you like to see a consumer web portal aimed at Muslim Men (lifestyle portal)?

    2) If one or more exists can you name your favorite one?

    3) What topics interest you most on lifestyle issues

    4) what information on lifestyle issues do you use the internet most for

    5) Would you regularly use a site that covered information related to - Halal Travel, revert support, blogs from famous Muslim personalities and Scholars (sunniport approved of course), investment, jobs, news, contemporary issues, health, product reviews

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