Sonnet to GWB

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by naqshbandijamaati, May 21, 2006.

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  1. Blair and Bush went up the Hill
    To plan some more plunder
    But Blair was thrown out by livid voters
    And in 2008 Bush lost his thunder!
  2. Very good!
    you should have been a poet or a professor of literature.
    (the sonnet is not in iambic pentameter though! ;-))


    it is not PC to say 'baa baa black sheep' anymore cos it might offend some
  3. abu Hasan

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    nursery rhymes for anglo-american children.
    Don, Don Rumsfeld have you any heart?
    No sir, no sir. not a tiny part.
    I murder for my master, kill for oilfields;
    Ne'er mind the bloodbath, greed for oil yields.
    [sung to the tune of baa baa black sheep]

    Dumbya Dubya, grabb'd the prez's chair ,
    Dumbya Dubya, caused a nightmare.

    All the united nations and sanity could not put the world together
    [sung to the tune of humpty dumpty]
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  4. abu Hasan

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    A sonnet to GWB:
    Shall I compare thee, to a stupid circus clown?
    Usurper, Villian, Vile; Or just a bumbling pawn –
    Slaughter unhindered as ruthless sorties flown,
    They rage all night and shall, stop only at the dawn.

    Lives young and old, beseech – but all you do is scorn
    And blame the tragedy, their fault of which is none –
    A father, brother, son; a daughter, mother mourn
    But thou exult in glee, when `shock and awe' is done.

    No life is worth a crown, and nations not merit,
    The riches of their land, nor comfort that it buys;
    The elite shall pillage - they wish to inherit
    The world and all in it: no matter what the price.

    So long as men can live, carnage and greed subdue -
    The joys and peace of all, to gratify a few

    somewhere, buried in my hard disk were a few tragi-comic poems i had written long ago. this one is inspired by shakespeare's 'shall i compare thee..'

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