soulful: madina aane wala hai

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    i think that phrase is the opposite of personification: chremamorphism.
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    Lyrics and my attempt at translation:

    Sambhal ja aye dil-e muztar, Madinah aane wala Hai
    Luta aye chashme tar gauhar, Madinah aane wala Hai

    Gather yourself O restless heart, Madinah is drawing near
    Lavish your jewels O dewy eyes, Madinah is drawing near

    Qadam ban jaaye mera sar, Madina aane wala hai
    Bichhun rah me nazar bankar, Madina aane wala hai

    May my head relieve my feet, Madinah is drawing near
    May I be a flower strewn in her way, Madinah is drawing near

    Talabgar-e-Madina tak Madina khud hi aa jaaye!
    Tu dunya se kinara kar,
    Madina aane wala hai

    To her seeker Madinah comes herself!
    Turn away from the world,
    Madinah is drawing near

    Zara aye marqab-e-umr-e-rawan chal barq ki surat
    Dikha parwaz ke jauhar,
    Madina aane wala hai

    O steed of ebbing life, gallop as lightining
    Show incredbile feats of flight,
    Madinah is drawing near

    Ghubaar e raha e anwar kis qadar poor noor hai Akhtar
    Tani hai noor ki chaadar,
    Madina aane wala hai

    How lucent, O Akhtar, is the dust of the radiant path
    A mantle of light is drawn,
    Madinah is drawing near

    Sambhal ja aye dil-e muztar, Madina aane wala hai
    Luta aye chashme tar gauhar, Madina Aane Wala Hai


    "Bichchun raah me nazar bankar" is the personified form of "nazrein bichhana" which means to show immense respect and adulation. The closest phrase I could find in english is "strew flowers in the path" which means 'to create ease for someone'. I have personified it as best as I could. example. If someone knows a better alternative please share it.

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