Supplications Of Khuddaam-e-Sarkaar Ghareeb Nawaz Rahmatullah 'Alayh

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  1. Assalaamu 'Alaykum

    I greatly apologise for committing a great blunder.

    Mods plz edit the original text .. I request you all to please do so .

    There is one verse which is

    Ee Mubaiyyan Bu'ad Bah Hasan-o-Husayn

    which i guess is incorrect. Rather it is

    Ee Mubaiyyan Bu'ad Bah Hisne Haseen

    I also request abu Hasan to please go through its Faarsi and correct it. And also please translate it to Urdu or English.

  2. Assalaamu 'Alaykum

    This is the Supplication of Sa'adaat-e-Karaam (Khuddaam of The Gargaah Shareef) of Ajmer Shareef. It is recited just prior to Azaan al-Maghreeb.

    It is one of the Maamool of Dargaah-e-Ajmer Shareef. About 40-45 minutes prior to to Azaan al-Maghreeb, Jaarobkashi is done in the interior of the Aastanah-e-Aaliya. Some people line up inside the Aastanah-e-Aaliyah to stand for the Roshani (this event is termed as Roshani).

    One Dha'eef Sayyad Sahab, with a large Tassbeeh in his hand enters the Aastanah-e-Aaliyah. And offers Dua' aloud, accompanied by recitation of Durood Shareef. The Dua' and Istighatha keeps on for almost 15-20 minutes.

    Then three sa'adat-e-Karaam with a candle each (yellow coloured wax), come via Sandali Masjid (built by Hazrat Aurangzeb Rahmatullah 'Alayh) and gently strike the heads of the Hazireen. Then they too enter the Aastanah Shareef.

    Then just 10-15 minutes prior to Azaan al-Maghreeb, Large Drums are Sounded (i never knew who bet these drums), and all the Lights of Aastanah-e-Aaliya, Masaajid, and everywhere in the Dargaah shareef, lights up.

    Then the Candles are lightened and the Candles placed in the silver candle-Holders is placed upon the Heads of Some of the Other Khuddaam. Then a mike is turned on in the Aastanah-e-Aaliya and fans are turned off till the time the following Supplication is recited.

    Then throughout the Dargaah Shareef, only one sound rings, clear and loud, accompanied only by the sounds of chirping birds (which I believe, too are singing this aloud), and that is this :-

    A'udhubillahi minash-Shaytaanir Rajeem

    Bismillahirrahmaan ar-Raheem

    Khwajah-e-Khwajgaan Moinuddeen

    Aaftaabe siphare kon-o-Makaan

    Dar Jamaal-o-Kamaal-e-Uchah Sukhan
    Ee Mubaiyyan Bu'ad bah Hasan-o-Husayn

    Mat'lae dar Sifaat-e-u Guftam
    Dar Ibaarat Bu'ad Chun durr-e-Sameen

    Ay Darat Qiblah Gaah-e-ahl-e-Yaqeen
    Bar Darat Mehr-o-Maah-e-Soodah Jabeen

    Ru-e-Bardar Gahat Hami Saayand
    Sad Hazaaraan Malik Cho Khusraw-e-Cheen

    Khaadimaan-e-Darat Hamah Rizwaan
    Dar Safaa Rozah at Cho Khuld-e-Bareen


    And then the following Verse is recited

    Ilaahi Tabu'ad Khurshid-o-Maahi
    Chiraagh-e-Chishtiyaan Ra Roshnaai

    And with this last verse every candle of inside the Aastanah-e-Aaliya (except the ones held by the Khuddaam on their heads), are lighted and some people head for continuing their Ziyarah, while the others make their way either to Shahjahaani, Sandali, or Akbari Masjid for waiting for Azaan al-Maghreeb for Salaat al-Maghreeb ..

    It is the Karam of Sultan al-Hind Sarkaar Khwajah Ghareeb Nawaz Rahmatullah 'Alayh, that I have been going there, since I was in my mother's womb, and have been continuously going there every year, till this year. And Insha Allah am Planning to go there this year too. Please do Dua for me.


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