Syria: Fitna and Chess

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Unbeknown, Dec 17, 2016.

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  1. Ibn Hadi

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    Yes and also about attacking Iran and Russia. Read "The Grand Chessboard" by former American National Security Adviser (and Zionist Jew) Zbigniew Brzezenski.

    The Wahhabis (supported by the West) have their propaganda in full flow. You'll be shocked by the amount of Arab kids I've met at uni that think "Iran is a bigger enemy than Israel".

    I mentioned the CFR, Trilateral Commission, globalists in the thread about Jonathan Brown.

    All these names are not linked by mere coincidence.
    The neo-cons and neo-liberals have the same agenda.

    (That website Global Research is a really good source by the way. Very rarely get things wrong. And always exposes Western/Globalist agenda)
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    Putin said 'the geostrategic' efforts of America and Russia are the same. Neither are friends of Muslims.

    Political naivety and high ambitions of deluded clerics and their followers have made them unable to see that the revolution is a disaster.
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    Some objections i have against the above. Why want more killing in the name of "freedom". [ that means more Sunnis dead ] Is this standing for principle? I remember hamoudeh didn't care for little Chechnya, but still wants to depose off kadyrov and bring more killing to Chechnya, which is the size of little Lebanon, and cannot afford anymore loss of human life lest there be no more Chechen left.
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    If it was wrong to rebel in the 80's it was worse to rebel now.

    Children who get polio are paralysed.

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    The Syrian military has claimed it has recaptured Yabroud, the last rebel stronghold near the Lebanese border.

    Soldiers were going through the town to root out any remaining militants, the military said in a televised address.

    Government forces and Lebanese fighters from the Hezbollah group have besieged the town for weeks, as part of a battle for control of key transport routes.

    Things are not looking promising at all.
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    still far away from the truth...

    ASSAD will fall, the govt is in deadlock with the FSA and others... there will be no future of Asad in Syria... more dirty play is expected in near future from both sides.

    The biggest criminal of this injustice is RUSSIA (now has its own problem), Syria govt and the iranians and on other side the Saudis who have funded the wahbi movement and taken this opportunity to send influx of filthy dogs in to Shaam... the legit uprising of FSA has been tarnished due to these dogs however INSHALLAH HAQ will prevail and Baatil of these shia supported and wahabi supported munafiqs will come to an end... IT WILL ALL HAPPEN IN SHAAM this is one sign of Qayamat
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    The people who supported the revolution were clearly mistaken. Dr Booti's foresight has proven to be right. People are queuing for basics like bread:

    Even an intelligent person like Moaz Khatib talks about how he has been used. So those still on the bandwagon have to realise how they are being used and are clueless. Either that or seeking something else:

    The situation in Jordan is getting worse:
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    Updates on Syria:

    Meanwhile they fight one another in Syria the Americans attack Fallujah in Iraq:

    The group that controls Fallujah is the same group that is being attacked by the rebel alliance in Syria. The group is known as ISIS.


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