tampering indian EVMs

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    how to hack electronic voting machines


    conclusions FTA:

    Despite elaborate safeguards, India’s EVMs are vulnerable to serious attacks. Dishonest insiders or other criminals with physical access to the machines can insert malicious hardware that can steal votes for the lifetime of the machines. Attackers with physical access between voting and counting can arbitrarily change vote totals and can learn which candidate each voter selected.

    These problems are deep rooted. The design of India’s EVMs relies entirely on the physical security of the machines and the integrity of election insiders. This seems to negate many of the security benefits of using electronic voting in the first place. The technology’s promise was that attacks on the ballot box and dishonesty in the counting process would be more difficult. Yet we find that such attacks remain possible, while being potentially more difficult to detect.

    It is highly doubtful that these problems can be remedied by simple upgrades to the existing EVMs or election procedures. Merely making the attacks we have demonstrated more difficult will not fix the fundamental problem: India’s EVMs do not provide transparency, so voters and election officials have no reason to be confident that the machines are behaving honestly.
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