Taqlid for children

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    The concept of taqlid can even be explained to a 10 year old. So parents and madrasah teachers should teach it at a basic level.

    1. The Quran and hadith contain vast meanings.

    2. Not everyone is endowed with the same knowledge, intellect or time to extract rules of shariah from the Quran and hadith.

    3. Also, a person starts his worship at an age when it's impossible to derive rulings himself.

    4. It requires a specialist who knows the meanings of every verse of the Quran and has before him all the hadith and knows which verse or hadith is applied where. This specialist is known as a Mujtahid.

    5. Only a Mujtahid is qualified to be able to derive rulings from the Quran and hadith.

    6. Because we're not Mujtahids, we must follow someone who is so that we are able to follow the Quran and hadith correctly.

    7. Following a Mujtahid is known as Taqlid and a follower is known as a Muqallid.

    8. Because everything a Mujtahid derives is FROM the Quran and hadith - then following his rulings is the same as following the Quran and hadith.

    9. The Mujtahid we are Muqallid of is called Imam Abu Hanifah. Hence, we are known as Hanafi.

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