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    during his dawra of sahih bukhari last year in birmingham, prof. tahir-ul-qadri really pressed upon the point that the hadith scholars such as imam bukhari devised the chapter names themselves and these are not part of the ahadith.

    the muhaddithin choose names that suit their madh'hab and sometimes a hadith will be included under a chapter name where there is no clear connection.

    eg. there may be a chapter called something like jahri qir'at but the hadith will mention qir'at; not jahr or sirr.

    hence, he said this is the reason why he compiled his minhaj al-sawi. he devised new tarjumatu'l abwab.

    he said that in the age of the muhaddithin, all the people were ahlu's sunnah and not many ahlu'l bid'ah. hence, the chapter names did not have to mention things like 'ilm al-ghayb, tabarruk etc.

    he also said that if imam bukhari has the right to choose his own chapter names to suit his madh'hab, then why don't people grant this right to imam abu hanifa?

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