the ahl at-tajsim

Discussion in 'Refutation' started by faqir, Jan 14, 2012.

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  1. Juwayni

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    Kawthari says:
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    The Killer Mistake attributes anthropomorphism to Ismayil Dihlawi only (see pages 118 and 119).
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    See posts # 45 and 46 here - # 45 is the same as 11 below, but you will see in 46 that the same position is attributed to taqi usmani as well (with references)
  4. ramiz.noorie

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    deo mufti ibn adam kawthari is controversial just like bilal ansari and other deos who celebrate mawlid or permit celebration.

    but tajseem tashbih from the elders like taqi usmani thanawi gangohi nanotvi chandpuri numani is what i am looking for.
  5. Juwayni

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    "As for the texts describing Allah to be in the heavens/sky and above His Throne – which are the real point of contention, and apparently go against the above core belief in Allah’s transcendence – one may adopt any of the following positions; and all of them are valid positions and none of them can be considered outright deviation:

    a) Consigning their meanings and details completely to the knowledge of Allah. This position, known as tafwid, was chosen by the majority of early scholars (salaf), and by far the best and safest approach.

    b) Affirming their literal meanings (tathbit) – with emphatic rejection of a similitude between Allah and His creation – and then consigning the modality (kayfiyya) of such texts to the knowledge of Allah. This position, chosen by scholars such as Imam Ibn Taymiya, can be risky for an average believer.

    c) Interpreting such texts figuratively in a manner that befits Allah. This is known as ta’wil, and was chosen by some later scholars."
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  7. Mohamed Shah Qadri

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    This is on wahabi tajsim...I tried my best in getting scans and refuting them....insha allah I hope this benefits the sunni community...I used gf haddad and took scans from wahabi books and sourves

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  8. ramiz.noorie

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    i am searching for deobandi tajseem tashbih & will fwd it to sh asrar to smash & demolish zameel blogger deobandi
  9. Mohamed Shah Qadri

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    Asalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakahtu.

    If anyone has any notes or scans of mujassem content in wahabi books or refutation of tajsim and other info please send it. I'm working on a book on the wahabi deception...using sources like shiekh zayni dahlan and articles on this site by our esteemed bother aH.
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  11. Allah says regarding the people who took the bay'ah that "yadu Llahi fawqa aydihim" ("Allah's yad was above theirs"). Are you seriously going to take the 'dhahir' (literal) meaning of that? The path of the salaf, with regards to these ambiguous (mutashaabih) ayaat was to make tafwid al-ma'na i.e. consign the meaning to Allah, and simply move past it, not interpreting it literally or figuritively. It is narrated that some may have interpreted some of these ayaat figuritively too. As for the salafis, they say that the meaning is known, saying to take the dhahir al-ma'na i.e. the literal meaning, while claiming that the 'kayf' (the 'howness') is unknown. However, taking the literal meaning automatically means contradicting the verse "Laysa kamithlihi shay'" (There is nothing like unto Him). All the dictionary meanings would involve likening Allah to His creation, hence we simply consign the meaning to Allah, as the salaf did.
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    I thank you but it talks about the shin.. I'm asking about the hands. The thread you've given alhamdulillah is fantastic. :)

    What about the word' yadd' in the Qur'aan. Can shaykh Abu Hassan put some light on it.

    Jazaak Allah khaira

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    search the forum, this topic already has been discussed, there are many posts by faqir here on this forum, also do visit the blog by Shaykh Abu Adam at, he has dealt with this issue thoroughly.
  15. shafeeq90q

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    I was talking to someone but shocked to know that the person believes the creator has a physical form. infact all the wahhabis believes that.

    The person says the Qur'aan says so. it mentions about legs,face,chin and hands.

    The word' Yadd mentioned in the Qur'aan means hands?.?? the persons says.

    I need some light on that and explanations by the learned people urgently.

    Jazaak Allah khaira.

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