The Cat.

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  2. bechaari bheegi billi!
  3. abu nibras

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    you made a cat sad today :(

  4. abu Hasan

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    why it won't happen in islam - or at least in educated circles of muslims.

    1. the shaykh has a cat in his dars, and he ignores it.

    2. the old master dies.

    3. the new master doesn't mind the cat in its dars either because the previous one ignored it.

    4. some traveling sufis/tullab discover that a cat attends a dars and go back to their place and spread the word.

    BUT then,

    5. in the original khanqah, the first cat died. and someone wanted to replace the cat, others questioned: what is the rationale? is there any sharayi basis for this? [unlike delusions of some modernists, even common muslims ask such questions as evident from the thousands of fatawa given worldwide. "ask the people of knowledge, if you don't know". only those removed from islam will make their own hypotheses instead of asking ulama]

    6. when this story was cited somewhere else and dumb people wanted to introduce such things - the same questions were asked and for the same reasons, wherever qualified muftis were present, they dismissed it as nonsense.

    7. in one such khanqah, one shaykh opined that, it is not necessary to consider those who insist on cats in the majlis as fools - and to prove his point he began filling his dars with a number of cats. he even wrote books on how cats have been in majlis since a very long time. initially, people tolerated it - but when the pawing and purring of cats became a nuisance - they asked muftis in their place about the issue.

    8. muftis said the same thing as muftis elsewhere. eventually, only fools remained with the catty shaykh - to whom, proving that cats in a majlis are welcome was more important than the dars.

    be ye with the truthful. and be with the jama'ah.

    wa billahi't tawfiq.
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  5. Wadood

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    That is why I say every Sunni brother and sister MUST thank Allah for keeping us on the path of Qur'an and Sunnah. Every Sunni brother and sister MUST thank Allah ta'ala because He has promised us, His ummah, protection from error through the waseela of His Habeeb SalLalahu 'alaihi wa alihi wa Sallam.

    Our actions are presented to our Habeeb SalLAllahu 'alayhi wa alihi wa Sallam and he does du'a for our guidance. He is HaaDir wa Naadhir.
  6. from paulo coelho:

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