The day you were born

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    The day you were born

    The day you were born changed the world for ever,
    With the greatest of pearls mankind was gifted,
    That day I can forget never,
    From a dark & deep hole people were lifted.

    No mother had given birth to someone as handsome as you,
    It was as you were created to your will,
    Your majestic words are full of wisdom and always true,
    Your love is ever living, the whole world does it fill.

    That day the earth must have rejoiced,
    For the best of creation had landed on its dust,
    The one who is exalted, noble and just,
    The Land of Arabia was crowned on that day,
    For the Jewel of Creation had chose it as His place to stay.

    The day your presence revived this dying planet,
    Is the cause for all other days,
    You being among us is a sign,
    For the world entering into its final phase,
    Everything will happen just as you said,
    Until the final hour is upon us,
    A time which mankind will dread.

    What would our state be if you are not there?
    No doubt we would be in great despair,
    Then how fortunate are we?
    That you will be there occupying the praiseworthy station,
    Ready to intercede for your nation.

    Endless peace be upon the day you were Born,
    This day I shall always adorn,
    Amidst those who tell me that I should mourn,
    Endless blessings be upon the day you were Born.

    Pearls of Madinah

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