The Hilya of the Prophet: Selections Ala Hazrat's Salam

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    The Hilya of the Prophet: Selections from the Salam of Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmad Riza Khan Barelwi

    Transliterated and translated from the Urdu by A J Naqshbandi

    Imam Tirmidhi, in the late ninth century, quotes a hadith in which the Prophet promises: "For him who sees my hilya after my death it is as if he had seen me myself, and he who sees it, longing for me, for him God will make Hellfire prohibited, and he will not be resurrected naked at Doomsday." The hilya (literally, "ornament") consists of short descriptions of the Prophet's external and internal qualities, drawn from early Arabic sources. (Adapted from Schimmel, And Muhammad Is His Messenger: Veneration of the Prophet in Islamic Piety and )

    Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim

    In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Ever Merciful

    A. Urdu Transliteration

    Jis taraf uTh gayee dam mein dam aagya

    Uss nigaah i 'inaayat pe laakhon salam

    Kis ko dekha yeh Musa se pooche ko'ii

    Aankhon walon kii himmat pe laakhon salam

    Door o nazdeek kay sun-nay waalay woh kaan

    Kaan e la'l e karaamat pe laakhon salam

    Patli patli gul e quds ki patiyaaN

    Un laboN ki nazaakat pe laakhon salam

    Jinkay guchchay se lachchay jhaRein noor kay

    Un sitaaroN kii nuzhat pe laakhoN salam

    Woh dahan jis kii har baat wahi e Khuda

    Chasma e 'ilm o hikmat pe laakhon salam

    Jiskay paani se shaadaab jaan o jinaan

    Us dahan kii tarawaT pe laakhon salam

    Jis se khaaray kunwein sheerah-e-jaan banay

    Uss zulaal halaawat pe laakhon salam

    Voh zubaan jis ko sab kun kii kunji kehein

    Uski nafiz hukumut pe laakhon salam

    Uski pyaarii fas.aahat pe bayhad durood

    Uski dilkash balaaghat pe laakhon salam

    Uski baaton kii lazzat pe laakhon durood

    Uskay khutbay kii haybat pe laakhon salam!

    Rîsh e khush mu’tadil marham rîsh e

    Haala e maah i nudrat pe laakhon salam

    Khat kii gird dahan who dil-aara phaban

    Sabza i nahr e rahmat pe laakhon salam

    Jis mein nehrein shîr o shakar kii rawaaN

    Us galay kii naz.aarat pe laakhon salam

    Dosh bar dosh hai jinkay shaan e sharaf

    Aisay shaanon kii shawkat pe laakhon salam

    Hajr e aswad e Ka’aba e jaan o dil

    Ya’ni mohr e Nabuwwat pe laakhon salam

    Bay-saheem o qaseem o adeel o maseel

    Johar e fard e izzat pe laakhon salam

    Jis ko baar e do aalam kii parwaa nahin

    Aisay baazoo kii quwwat pe laakhon salam

    Ka'aba e deen o imaan kay donon sutoon

    Sa'idayn e Risaalat pe laakhon salam

    HaaTh jis simt uThaa ghanii kardiya

    Mawj e bahr e samaaHat pe laakhon salam

    Jis kay har khat mein hai mawj e noor e karam

    Is kaf e bahr e himmat pe laakhon salam

    Noor kay chashmay lehrain, daryaa behein

    Ungliyon kii karaamat pe laakhon salam

    Eid e mushkil-kushaa'ii kay chamakay hilaal

    Naakhunon kii bashaarat pe laakhon salaam

    Rafa’ e zikr e jalalat pe arfa’ durood

    Sharh e sadr e sadaarat pe laakhon salam

    Dil samajh se waraa’ hai magar yoon kahoon:

    Ghuncha e raaz e wahdat pe laakhon salam

    Kul jahan milk aur jaw kii roTi ghiza

    Us shikam kii qana'at pe laakhon salam

    Jo ke ‘azm e shafa’at pe khinchkar bandhii

    Uss kamar kii hamaayat pe laakhon salam

    Anbiya teh karein zaanoo Inkay huzoor

    Zanoo’on kii wajaahat pe laakhon salam

    Saaq e asl e qadm, shaakh e nakhl e karam

    Shama’ e raah e isaabat pe laakhon salam

    Khaaii Qur’an ne khaak e guzar kii qasam

    Uss kaf e paa kii hurmat pe laakhon salam

    Qad e bay-saaya kay saaya-e-marhamat

    Zill e mamdood o raafat pe laakhon salam

    T.aairaan e quds jis kii hain qumriyaan

    Uss sahi sarw e qaamat pe laakhon salam

    Jis kay aagay sar e sarwaraan khum rahain

    Us sar e taaj e rif’at pe laakhon salam

    Shabnam-e-baagh e Haqq, ya’ani rukh kaa ‘arq

    Us kii sachchii baraaqat pe laakhon salam

    Bheenii bheenii mehak par mehaktii durood

    Pyaarii pyaarii nafaasat pe laakhon salam

    B. English translation

    [Note on the meter: Although English and Urdu poetical meters do not correspond exactly, I have tried in my translation to reproduce the meter used by Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmad Riza Khan by using the English iambic hexameter [Alexandrine] as it approximates the meter used by Ala Hazrat fairly well in this case. Of course, it is not an exact replica as stated and where the translation flowed better otherwise, I have taken liberties. The translation is not a perfect iambic hexameter either: I have used lines of twelve metrical feet but taken liberties with the iamb!]

    Wheresoever it fell, Life itself was revived

    Peace be upon that life-bestowing gaze

    Whom did he see? Let someone enquire of Moses

    Peace be upon the courage of one with such eyes!

    Those ears which can hear from both near and from afar

    Peace be upon that mine: rubies of charismata!

    How delicate the petals of that holy rose!

    Peace be upon the exquisiteness of those lips!

    From his clustered pearls, radiate those roots of light

    Peace be upon the enchantment of those stars!

    A mouth whose ev’ry word: divine revelation!

    Peace be upon the fount of knowledge and wisdom

    Its water makes both spirits and gardens verdant

    Peace be upon the moisture of such a mouth!

    From it saline wells became sweet like syrup

    Peace be upon that sweet, clear, spring water!

    A tongue which is known to all as the key to ‘Be!’

    Peace be upon its effective commandments

    Countless blessings upon his lov’ly oratory

    Peace be upon his heart-enticing eloquence!

    Countless blessings upon the pleasure of his words!

    Peace be upon the majesty of his sermons

    A beard of pleasant length, a salve for the heart’s wounds

    Peace be upon the halo around the rarest moon!

    A beard around the mouth – striking loveliness!

    Peace be upon that beard of the stream of mercy!

    From it are flowing streams of milk and honey

    Peace be upon the freshness of such a throat!

    Lofty nobility from shoulder to shoulder

    Peace be upon the majesty of such shoulders!

    The Black Stone of the Ka’aba of the heart and soul!

    Peace be upon the Seal of Apostleship!

    No partner, sum total, matchless, unparalleled!

    Peace be upon this unique, solitary pearl!

    The arm oblivious to the weight of both worlds

    Peace be upon the power of such an arm!

    Two pillars of the Ka'aba of Faith, Religion

    Peace be upon the two wrists of Prophethood

    Wherever his hand was raised he made others rich

    Peace be upon the waves of this Sea of Bounty

    Fountains of light do cascade, and rivers flow out

    Peace be upon the miracle of the fingers!

    The crescent moon of the Eid of Succour glimmered

    Peace be upon the good news of the fingernails!

    Loftiest blessings on his zikr’s majestic glory!

    Peace be upon the cleaving of leadership’s chest!

    Your heart is beyond my ken but I shall say this:

    Peace be upon the bud holding secrets of Oneness!

    The world’s his dominion yet he eats barley bread!

    Peace be upon the contentedness of that stomach!

    ‘Twas tightened with the intention of Intercession

    Peace be upon the protection of that waist!

    Messengers do bend their knees in their presence

    Peace be upon the dignity of such knees!

    Antiquity: his essence’ stem; grace: his palm tree’s branch

    Peace be upon the candle of the Straight Path!

    The Qur’an gave an oath by the dust of thy path!

    Peace be upon the reverence of such a foot!

    The shadow of mercy of his shadowless stature

    Peace be upon that extended, kindly shadow!

    He whose turtledoves are the birds of Paradise

    Peace be upon his erect height and his stature

    The heads of the rulers remain bowed before it

    Peace be upon the crown on his towering head!

    Dew from Truth’s garden: beads of sweat from his face

    Peace be upon his pure veracious brilliance!

    Fragrant blessings be upon such delicate fragrance!

    Peace be upon such lovely, lovely refinement!

    © Asif J Naqshbandi [May 2004]

    Acknowledgements: I would like to thank Sidi Abu’l Hassan al Ridawi for his helpful suggestions and corrections. All existing mistakes are solely my own. Shaykh Mufti Muhammad Shafi’ Okarvi Sahib (alayhirahmat) whose book, Al Dhikr al Jamil Fi Hilyatul Habib al Khalil [The Beautiful Remembrance: The Hilya of the Beloved of the Friend] better known as Zikr e Jamil was the inspiration behind this little effort, also has my eternal gratitude. May Allah perfume his resting place! Amin!


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