the khiyanah of wahabis and cowardice

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  1. ridawi

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    Is the writing in this manuscript the handwriting of AlaHazrat?
  2. abu Hasan

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    long ago, i was rummaging manuscripts in KSU and i found alahazrat's fatawa al-Haramayn under: 'abd al-mustafa'.

    then, someone probably got wind of it and they made it unsearchable. even though on the first page it is written: 'ahmad rida', the author field shows: "not mentioned".


    but that is not all. someone has gone even further and removed four pages from the fatawa; particularly those that refute wahabiyah. check:

    missing fh.jpg 698/DSC05531.JPG

    page 8 shows question #4.


    #5. what is the legal ruling concerning wahabis among whom are those who claim that falsehood is possible for Allah ta'ala. [imkan al-kadhib]

    #6. what is the legal ruling concerning the group which calls itself that it rejects taqlid [ghayr al-muqallidin] of the four imams and calls itself ahl al-hadith.

    #7. what is the status of those who claim that such anti-madh'habites [ghayr al-muqallidin] are a part of ahl al-sunnah and their choice is a minor difference of opinion...[notice for deobandi keyboard warriors who behave as if their elders had nothing to do with salafis - look up rashid gangohi]

    #8. another question about perennialism and sulH-kulli (mentions wahabi and ghayr muqallid).

    #9. a question about the nadwah.

    the last two questions are incidental and probably appeared on the fourth missing page, but the thief, the khaayin, who took out the four pages was needled by the first three pages.


    i won't be surprised if they decide to get rid of the MS all together. and who knows how many more manuscripts are destroyed and mutilated by the wahabis.
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