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    I found this comment interesting and I believe that it is true for many among the laity. It certainly was true for me in my days of indecision and confusion which preceded my wholehearted embracing of sunnism.

    For some people overly concerned with propriety and manners, it might seem virtuous to preach about politeness and 'high' standards, even to the point of hypocrisy. But such misplaced and ill-timed 'adab' and 'gentleness' does not help the person incarcerated in doubts and lacking the wherewithal to personally distinguish truth from falsehood to one's own satisfaction.

    I feel that vigorous, energetic and impassioned language has it's place in our debates and discussions. Of-course, I don't mean descending to the level of cursing or using expletives or unbridled shouting like a maniac. That goes without saying.
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    It is all about accepting one's mistakes and one's criticism. Ophcourse yanabi has always been criticized in the positive light here on sunniport and brother Asif knows about this. . I neither hate nor like yanabi, so this behaviour of accusing anyone of "hating" yanabi will not work.
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    Assalaamu Alaikum

    why was my post removed from ur forum.

    I did not write anything bad

    { the thread you participated in was moved from public view -an}

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    it goes to the right post.

    the author or the people at yanabi have removed it. if they did it because of their conscience and acknowledging the right, they should make it apparent. if they did it just as a subterfuge, this is what deobandis did and kept doing.
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    I guess the link is not taking you to the right post.

    was salam
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    and here is another excerpt from the same post above which i completely agree with:

    Some including yourself say ulema and others should not write or speak on the beliefs in disagreement among themselves; they set a bad example to Muslims, their differences and arguement cause resentfulness and stem from the desires of the nafs and self esteem. However, when a bidaa spreads, it is farz to refute it and to try to disseminate its harmfulness and wickedness. That is farz, is unanimously declared by the ulema of Islam.

    and why incriminate me, if i follow the advice above?
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    alaHazrat is our imam and we should follow his example.

    in his malfuDh he talks about a man who came to alaHazrat and requested that he teach him in private so that others would not know that he was learning from alaHazrat. the reason was he thought it was a shame to learn from someone younger.

    alaHazrat refused and said that there should be no shame in learning or correcting oneself.

    mawlana `abdul Bari farangi maHalli was a sunni scholar but he made a few mistakes in his fatawa. alaHazrat wrote scathing critiques to his fatawa because this was a bigger danger for sunnis since these mistakes came from a sunni, it would become prevalent if they were left untouched. he refused to ignore it because it came from a sunni. and a major sunni scholar at that!

    look at at-Tari ad-dari li hafawati `abdu'l Bari. i am simply following his example. i am not pulling down any sunnis and i won't close my eyes just because they are sunnis. many of them make statements which amount to kufr - and it is necessary that they renew their faith.

    it is a shame that constructive criticism is considered as backbiting or making a mission to 'refute' sunnis. you cannot post things in public and expect to be corrected in private after all the misconceptions?

    if doing it here will be considered as 'causing fitna', i will start a weblog inshaAllah. shame on those who say they follow alaHazrat and are ashamed to take up his path. what are you afraid of? that your noble standing among teenagers will be hurt? that your 'knowledgeable' status will be damaged?

    alaHazrat also refuted such 'private' corrections. mistakes that are made public should be refuted publicly so that everyone misled by such errors correct themselves. if you do not do this, there is no difference between you and deobandis who did the self same thing. they made mistakes and were worried about their standing and never corrected themselves.

    mawlana `abdul Bari was a sunni muslim. when he saw fatawa of alaHazrat, he corrected himself and published his tawba - alaHazrat ordered all the copies of at-Tari ad-Dari to be burnt because the purpose was now achieved.

    i have nothing against yanabi - but anything written against ahlu's sunnah will be refuted. i owe my allegiance to ahlus sunnah - not just to anybody who claims to be sunni. this is the path of alaHazrat and i fear not what people think about me. i never had a reputation and i couldn't care less.

    wallahu a`alam.

    for example: a senior member ***** says in the thread:
    such people described in the passage above are mubtadiys or heretics. and the rule in aqidah is, ahlu's sunnah are better than mubtadiys and mubtadiys are less worse than kuffar. to say that kuffar are better is kufr because anyone who says so belittles the lofty kalimah 'laa ilaaha illaa Allah.' however, we do not do takfir of one who says this above and ask him what his intention was. certainly, he did not intend to belittle the kalimah but he was deploring the bid`ah of the bid`yis. such strong language is unnecessary and will mislead younger folk into takfir because it is implied in the above passage. so a novice may easily be misled to think that avoiding mawlid is apostacy whereas it is not. it is a commendable action and not even a farD or wajib let alone an article of faith.

    Allah ta'ala a`alam.
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