the parable of life in this world

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    on the topic of devastation of infrastructure:

    a couple of friends and some mawlana's i've spoken to have said that the wars by imam mehdi and sayyidina 3eisa 3ala nabiyyina wa 3alaihimus salam, against the kuffaar and the armies of the dajjal will be fought old school style, swords, spears, horses and so on. they say before then, all the technology infrastructure and communications networks and so on will go down this same way.

    do any major scholars also state such?
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    24. the example of life in this world is, like water that We sent down from the skies which soaks the earth; and vegetation flourishes, from which men and animals get food. until the earth is bedecked and adorned with verdure; its people think they have gained control over it...[yet,] our command comes in the night or the day, and We have made it mowed down, as if it had not existed the previous day. thus, We describe our signs to those who ponder.

    25. Allah calls you to the abode of peace; and He guides whom He will on the straight path.
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    thus, surah yunus, s.10, v.24-25

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